Administrivia: 25 April 2021

Reporting back on the Highland Park experiment: Yes, it is much nicer than Early Times, thank you very much. Smells absolutely delightful by comparison, for starters. Early Times is kind of sickly sweet. Not so pleasant. I will not say this particular HP is perfect. It’s like there’s this hollow place in the middle of the flavor. I can’t explain it any better than that. Eminently sippable, however. Nice for a little bit on a Saturday night, and that’s probably just how I’ll have it. Be interesting to see how long the bottle will last.

Am curious to try Balvenie, though obviously not one of the more expensive labels, and possibly Johnnie Walker. Not in a hurry to get around to them but I probably will before the year’s out.

How’d I have the HP? Well, we have one glass around here from the local coffee shop, ironically enough, so I’m not sure what it was intended for. House Male is a coffee snob, that’s all I can say. But it worked out nicely for whisky. Large bottom, smaller top. Bit like the Glencairn glasses I found on Amazon only those are narrower overall. Close enough though. And, had it neat. Didn’t add even a little bit of water, didn’t pour it “on the rocks.” I wanted to see how it would go as it is. Call me crazy. So often, at least this side of the pond, “Scotch” has a reputation of tasting like paint thinner. That’s one reason I didn’t want to start out with something cheap. This wasn’t expensive as Scotch goes, but it wasn’t garbage either.

Along with the Balvenie and Johnnie Walker I suppose I’ll try other “years,” if you want to call it that, of the Highland Park just to see how that goes but we’ll be talking more money and probably having to have it shipped. So I’m content to put that off a while. Years if need be. Possibly wait ’til I’m in an actual Scottish pub and don’t need to buy the whole damn bottle. Probably my wisest course.

As for the peatiness, my palate being utterly inexperienced* I can’t say for sure I caught it but I think I did. It’s smoky, but in this whisky it is not overbearing. I’ve heard of some where it possibly is, and that should be… interesting.

Raised my first glass to our dude because it’s his fault I’ve tried it. It’s nice to finally have him out on a shelf in a proper frame.

In other news, watched the second episode of The Irregulars and while it is possible Rory showed up in the Bird Master mask in Jessie’s nightmare near the end of the episode, haven’t seen his lovely mug pop back up yet uncovered. I don’t think I am going to worry much about screencaps if all he shows up in is the mask on an episode. But I also don’t think that’s what a certain friend of mine meant when she told me he was in a second episode, either. I’m thinking Bea and Jessie and the gang will be back to see Arthur, possibly visiting him in Bedlam (poor guy!), to try and figure out where the supernatural crap is getting into our world from. That or Arthur will get charged up and escape. Who knows.

But! Turns out my suspicions were correct and other people besides Arthur are using that fucking Ouija board, complete with Whisky Glass of Very Familiar Shape as the planchette**. So that might not have been Rory’s hands in the screencap I showed you. It is hard to tell with all that weird blue light going on and all it takes is someone having long fingers in a blurry photo to throw me off.

Oh well. More episodes to go, and we’ll see what we see. If I see him again, OBVIOUSLY I will share him here.

In still other news, the Visitor Traffic Pro, which I finally purchased a few weeks ago, isn’t much better than the free version but does let me look at a few things that I couldn’t see before as far as overall site stats. I don’t have any more detailed information about where people are hitting from but I can tell what all they look at when they do come here. That’s useful for me to suss out over time what, specifically, people look for when they go reading about Rory.

So far, people like to visit the site directly, they like to learn about how to find Rory (not that they learn much more than they already knew), and they want to know about Rory’s love life, which probably shouldn’t surprise me. Those are the top three.

Okay. Enough babble. It’s still kind of early (between 1 and 2am) so I may see what I can get up to before I finally decide it’s time to conk out.

*I am a finicky eater and drinker and, while this was a source of torment when I was a kid, surprisingly it comes in handy more often as an adult than I would have guessed. But we all still have to start somewhere.

**By the way, I did not have to look up the word “planchette.” I am not sure what that says about me.