Administrivia: 24 September 2021

I’m here.

Did not leave at 7pm Monday as I had hoped, and no one should be surprised. It took me a lot longer than 15 hours to make the trip, too. I can’t decide how much of my road sleepiness was my brain simply not cooperating with my self-scheduled down time and how much was simply a function of my age (I was a spring chicken by comparison the last time I drove anywhere like that far overnight: 22.5 years younger, in fact) but, either way, I did the last thing I wanted to do and got a motel room in Alabama. Nothing against Alabama, I wouldn’t have wanted a motel room anywhere. I wanted to just drive the drive and get it over with. But it’s all good. I didn’t die, didn’t kill anyone else, and got home.

I’m in fairly regular touch with my kiddo, thank you internet. She and her dad have some things to figure out. I doubt they would have figured them out with me still there and I was fed up with his crap in any case. And it turns out my dad actually needs me, which he was too proud to admit before I got down here, so this really was the best-case scenario for everyone.

I thank the internet but actually it’s pretty bad where we are; I get phone service, kind of, but data’s very spotty unless I go into town. But we know people who are out in the boonies like us and get online so I’ll find out what’s up and make choices accordingly. I need a connection for work anyway.

Meanwhile there are hummingbirds.

Did you know that hummingbirds fight???

It’s ridiculously adorkable.

I also get to look forward to this for supper.

Cajun sausage!

New Orleans people and outsiders call this pork andouille. We southwestern prairie Cajuns, having had the French sufficiently beaten out of us a couple generations back, just call it sausage.

First time I heard what was in haggis I thought, Oh, so like boudin then. Our boudin is not like boudin in France, it’s rice and pork or seafood in a casing. No lungs, but that’s not legal here anyway. Oh my god is it good.

Actually if it weren’t for the hot weather, mosquitoes, and lack of mountains, I think Rory might really dig it here. It’s nice and quiet. The people are friendly. There’s lots of outdoor stuff to do. Including boating.

And there are hummingbirds.