Administrivia: 24 March 2021

Not so much about the site this time but still Rory-adjacent so I guess it counts.

Part the first: I finally, after more than a year, got a frame worthy of my autographed Hound photo. To wit: acid-free mat with acid-free pollutant-absorbing backing, and UV glass. I’ve heard things about how Sharpie autographs can degrade over time, and I know photos can fade in sunlight, and I get a fair amount of that in my room when the blinds are open during the day. So I’m leaving nothing up to chance.

It’s just funny how he signs his stuff “THE HOUND.” Babe, I didn’t want an autograph from the Hound, I wanted one from you. But it’s okay. The Hound was an interesting character.

(I can’t wait to see Sandor again in the books, IF MARTIN EVER FUCKING FINISHES THEM. I’m just about positive, along with much of the Hound fandom, that he turned up in A Feast For Crows and is the big lame novice brother on the Quiet Isle who likes dogs but has taken a vow of silence and covered half his face…)

Part the second: Have obtained House Male’s password for Netflix, which I’m still not resubscribing to, at least not for a while yet. (I may weaken and cave in once I’m living on my own, especially if something else with Rory in it comes up.) House Male doesn’t mind, so. SO, Friday will be fun. The only question is do I do the capping during the day or wait til everyone’s in bed. Right now the environment’s mostly conducive to me capping during the day so we’ll see.

“But you don’t have a Facebook page anymore!” Oh, ye of little faith. Watch this space.

Will I also be a smartass when I share them, as I was on the Facebook page? Dear babies, am I a smartass here already? Does Rory like coffee?

What, you didn’t know Rory likes coffee? Oh, my sweet summer child.

Part the third: I was cleaning up my personal Instagram the other day (I must be an annoying person to follow on Instagram… I’m never happy with it, I may abandon it completely one of these days) when I ran across a pic I had shared of Rory making his Grr Face and spraying a spray bottle on which he’d written CUNT AWAY SPRAY. I’m sure it’s his handwriting. It just fits in too well with his autographs. Anyway, and I had added a “me when someone says something stupid about COVID” as commentary. So here comes this guy out of nowhere saying “Rory when asked if he wants a [sic] English breakfast.”

It was one of Rory’s friends! Specifically, the one who’s shared photos before of Rory going skiing. I had tagged the image with Rory’s tag and I guess he looks at it every now and again. I’ve never interacted with him other than that one time, but in that little bit of time I learned (a) that Rory strongly prefers full Scottish to full English breakfast — this will make more sense to UK people, I barely understand it myself; (b) that despite Rory’s public statements that he’s a grumpy bastard before breakfast, somehow Skiing Friend seems to have never seen that side of him and in fact would characterize him as “not really a grumpy sort of guy.” Or Rory’s pre-breakfast grumpy is not a true grump? Dunno. But that was a neat little treat.

This is who I am, though. I love learning about him. And yet if I ever met him I’d probably clam the fuck up and forget everything I ever wanted to ask him. That is just how I fucking roll.

So I screenshot the interaction and it’s on my phone somewhere. Can’t really cite it as a source anywhere here but it’ll likely go into The Folder when I get organized that far.

Anyway. Little update. There ya go.