Administrivia: 23 January 2023

Adding in more header photos. It’s a very easy, low-stress way to improve the site and it’s long overdue, frankly. I mentioned in the previous incarnation of this blog that I hadn’t been happy with the way the previous crop of header photos had turned out. This was because I had been fucking lazy and thought that simple trimmed (of black bars around the edges) screenshots would suffice. Unfortunately that’s only true if you’re on a laptop or something else with a horizontal screen orientation. People on phones or vertical tablets were sometimes finding that Rory’s face got cut in half or was missing entirely. This simply would not do, so I planned to fix it at some point.

Well, welcome to Some Point. Enjoy your stay.

I am debating something with myself, too. It’s not terribly important, but I thought it might be cool. I thought I might do a subsection of the Links area about Scotland and Scottish stuff. What do you think? Well, I can’t imagine I’ll hear much feedback about that. But one thing about me getting obsessed* with the big man is that I followed up and got curious about Scotland, and once I went down that rabbit hole I didn’t want to come back out again. I even thought I’d love to go over for at least a few weeks — yes, with some faint hope of running into him, since I’d rather knock back a few at a pub with him and listen to his stories for an hour or three than spend thirty seconds getting an autograph and saying hi at a con. But I thought that even if I never saw him I’d still have an excellent time. From this distance Scotland reminds me of the Pacific Northwest, particularly the Puget Sound area, but with nicer people in it. And swearing is more socially acceptable unless you’re posh, which means I’d fit right the fuck in.

ANYWAY. Might be fun to put together a sort of Scotland 101 links page and link it off the main links page — have I lost you yet? But like that.

I dunno. I already have other stuff I’ve fallen way behind on. But it’s at least on a sort of tentative agenda in the back of my skull. We’ll see if I make it happen.

Can’t help thinking Rory would like it too, a little bit. He seems to be all in about promoting various Scottish things.

When he feels like having the social interaction.

*In a harmless, well-meaning, Aspie-nerd sort of way. Promise.