Administrivia: 21 March 2023

This one’s really gonna be trivia about Admin (me), but one of you’s already noticed and asked me about it so I’m writing about it here.

Rather than repeat the whole thing again, here’s a screenshot from Instagram.

Lol, I have a stalker

tl;dr version: If the TAG, the bit with the @ sign in front of it, says “urthboundmisfit” then it’s my personal Instagram. If it has my photo but NOT that tag, it’s not me. I’ve seen two accounts like that so far this evening. The other one had followed some of my other-purpose accounts (see below) and I saw the one with my name pop up as a suggestion when writing out my tag.

I have a few IGs for other uses and I need to double-check, but I don’t think my mug’s on any of them and if it is, it’s not at all recent. If you encounter something weird and are confused, feel free to DM me on IG. I’ll check it out.

FYI, Not Me But My Name is also following Rory. And also basically everyone else I was following, so they’re not singling him out. Hope they behave. Hope IG bans them before they stop behaving. Yes that means IG will ban my name. Nope, don’t care.

Okay. That’s your internet for today. Carry on.