Administrivia: 20 October 2022

Rory news:

None really. I wish.

Site news:

That “screenshots” page sat there blank for well past long enough. I apologize to everyone who ever went back there to check if I’d put anything in it. I still want to do something with screenshots, but at this point I find it more likely it’ll be nested in under the Filmography page.

The what?

Yeah, I changed the name back. It’s there. One of the reasons I pulled the Screenshots page (it’s deleted, it’s gone, don’t even try to find it) is because I’m OCD about layouts and if both were in the menu, the menu was pushed out of shape on a horizontal screen. Not gonna do it. Wouldn’t be prudent. So we’re going with this.

It was that or put Finding Rory under Bio and I really didn’t want to do that. No, I don’t know why. It’s me. My brain goes “FLIBBERTIGIBBET” and I just sort of smile and nod along.

I’m still working at stuff so there will be other changes. Nothing huge right now I don’t think, but at least I’ll be able to say, with a straight face, that I Did Work on the site. For fucking once. After how many fucking months.

Fucking good thing no one’s paying me to do this. I’d have been fired long ago.

Me news:

The brake is not fixed yet. The timing on the Help Money was not good and I was left with two days before my room renewal unsure if I would be able to get the work done and still pay for the room, because Mondays and Tuesdays happen to be bad days for me most weeks and I had no confidence I could catch up. So out of the $1000, I paid nearly $300 for the room and then another $88 for the car insurance which left me with five hundred and some, and then also bought food, because I’d been scrounging. So I guess I was around $550, and my repair app told me one axle would cost less than $300 but to expect additional if they had to do the rotors. They always do the rotors, so I expected most of that $550 to be ate up but no big deal because it was Monday and I had the WHOLE FUCKING WEEK to go out and earn for my room.

Well, guess what. It was more like $630ish. And that’s if my brain isn’t lowballing out of trauma and misremembering it too low. But it was definitely under $700.

I won’t take you through my whole logic process in responding to this; it’s boring. (I at least did not yell at the shop guys.) I have another $600 coming next week, allegedly. I’m tinkering around with some other stuff in the meantime — nothing illegal. I have my room, my insurance is paid. Also, they did look at my brakes, so I at least know what’s going on. Everything is fine except that one brake. Even that one brake only has worn-down pads at this point; the caliper’s still good. (I still need to do both back wheels so the wear will be even, and at some point very fucking soon I will need to follow up and do the front. But for now we’re literally addressing the squeaky wheel.) So it’s stay the fuck out of the car unless absolutely necessary until next week. Unless the money comes this weekend. I really don’t know. Daughter’s dad’s monthly payday is next Wednesday and sometimes he pulls his paycheck early, and every time he’s done that he’s gone ahead and paid me. I can last until Wednesday, though. It’s honestly not a problem.

MEANWHILE, this employment agency I got connected with thanks to a class I took downtown has been working with me to find something, and I’ve got two leads so far. I learned about the second one today. It’s a contract thing, and the agency doesn’t usually do straight-up temp placement but it’s the time of year; there’s a lot of seasonal shit right now. My rep characterizes it as having work “for now” and I absolutely agree, I do not need to find my dream job right this fucking minute as long as I have a decent job. I like the pay rate, I like the hours, I like that overtime is a strong possibility, and I like that I will usually have weekends off. Good to go. Hope it works out. It probably won’t, the way my year has gone so far, but we’ll just have to see. And I don’t say that to be negative. I say that because I have been going through this cycle all fucking year of “Oh hey, I have a great job!” “No… fuck… no I don’t. Fuck.” I’m tired of the rollercoaster. Let’s just keep things on an even keel, shall we? Yes. I think we shall. All righty then.

Bonus: I may be able to leverage this into an extra $250 if it goes through. Part of the program that funds the class: if you get a job through the class, they send you this money. No idea why, not going to question it. Hi. I’ll take that. Thank you. But that’s another “we’ll see.”

Good times.