Administrivia: 20 November 2021

Finally got around to using my external hard drive setup. With Amazon’s prices and only needing Blu-Ray for my Region 1 DVDs (Game of Thrones, basically), it was cheap to get a second external that wasn’t for Blu-Ray, so I didn’t have to convert my laptop’s player to Region 2 after all.

Anyway, I’m finally getting around to watching The Book Group properly, not the Kenny excerpts on YouTube or the borderline clusterfuck on Tubi. With subtitles, even! I highly recommend the experience, especially to other Americans like me who might have trouble with Scottish accents sometimes. You get to hear how to actually pronounce Buchaille Etive Mor, too. (Which, hilariously enough for us fans of a certain book series, translates as The Great Shepherd!)

Even better: The VLC app will play Region 2 on an American computer with zero problems. It does not play nicely with Blu-Ray without going through configurations most of us don’t have the background or patience to deal with, but regions are easy. JUST REMEMBER that whatever DVD drive you have will only play a foreign region a limited number of times — five, I believe, but please double-check — before becoming stuck on playing that region only, forever. It’s hardwired that way. So trust me. Use an external. They’re maybe $20 to $30 USD at most.

If you’re in a better TV-viewing situation than I am and can just use a normal DVD player (Dad doesn’t own one, a status quo I’m considering changing), get a universal. My above advice is just for folks who want to watch on a laptop or other drive-supporting computer. Especially useful for fans who want to make their own Rory screencaps.

(If you can’t afford Paint Shop Pro or a Photoshop subscription, I recommend GIMP — which is free — so you have somewhere to paste and save your caps.)

(I should do a separate post on this. Maybe sometime.)

ANYWAY. With the DVDs of the show I can now see what Dirka and Fist were talking about with husband and boyfriend respectively, get a working idea of the general conversation even when accents are thick, etc. You get more out of the show this way. Love it.

I’m still considering redoing all the screencaps I did for this show. I definitely need to redo what I managed for series 2, which I had never finished anyway. I’ll experiment and see if taking them on my new laptop looks better and decide about series 1 from there.

I will work out a way to share the raw shots with all of you, too. If my hosting service doesn’t have a photo album app available for install then, I guess, Google Drive it may be. We’ll see. No promises either way as to timeline.

(Have you looked for that small but major update I mentioned two posts ago? No? You’ll want to do that, I think.)

I got some news the other day that expands my options for obtaining internet service. Even if that doesn’t work out I will likely subscribe to something anyway. I thought my data allotment on my phone service was sufficient but probably not. Also, for all my complaining about satellite internet, Dad’s TV reception is really good except possibly during hurricane season… and I will not be overly concerned about internet if we’re in a major fucking storm. Sooooo…

Okay. Shit to do and I’ll just bet I’m boring y’all. Later, gators.