Administrivia: 19 January 2023

Very slight updating to the bio page. Not a big deal, just a thing I noticed I needed to change.


Got approached by someone going “oh how romantic, he finally found someone in his 50s,” and I don’t think they were being sarcastic or ironic. I do like the idea that he’s got someone looking after him and someone he can look after — he may be his own best company but even introverts get lonely. I don’t know how schmoopy he might get, though. I dunno, I can’t really see it. He strikes me as mostly practical. That may be the Scottish-ness, I don’t know, or it could just be him. When I read where he used to talk about relationships and women I got the impression he really wasn’t down for a lot of bullshit, just wanted to be treated like regular folks. I could see him spoiling her rotten, in his way, but the whole thing of… well, let’s put it like this. I’ve known of some guys who tried to get into the flowery language and behavior around some woman they loved or were attracted to. It gets gross. I can’t see him doing that, and I’d be glad if he didn’t. Not out of jealousy. Out of not wanting to get nauseated. Because I wouldn’t want a hypothetical partner being like that with me either. I know these guys mean well, but it’s just really over the top.

I wouldn’t be surprised, given how quiet he is about his marriage, if he’s tried to get into something with various women several times over the years since Hazel (his doctor ex from the early ’00s) and just never said anything. But then I have this weird idea that a lot of the things we have assumed about him haven’t really been things with him, but he’s let us assume they were true because it wasn’t important to him to set the record straight. Basically, if he hasn’t come out and explicitly said that something’s true about himself, the field’s wide open as far as I’m concerned. He was always going to be too sweet and gorgeous to be alone for long. We’re just now hearing about a for-sure because someone accidentally told me. And I’m not sure they were supposed to. And I only repeated it because, as I said, marital status is considered public information. Well, by everyone except certain rabid fans. Y’all can have that. I’ll be over here living in reality. I would rather know. I don’t have to know who, I just want to know.

It could be my own bias, given what I’ve suffered at the hands of someone who never gave me the full story on anything I needed to know unless I dragged it out of him, but at the same time this is a thing we’ve had in our culture for a long, long time. I’m an outlier about a lot of things, but not about this thing. Most of us want to know. We’ve generally agreed we should know. There it is.


I see I’m still getting more visits than usual here. I would love to give you an update on all of this, but the information given to me really was a one-off and I doubt I will ever hear from that person again. All I can say is I have 100% reason to trust the source and the statement’s validity. It was just a really weird situation that I didn’t get into on purpose and I’ll be stunned if it ever happens again for any other issue concerning him.

I mean, I gotta say I’ve had my moments here: some of the people who used to follow the account on Instagram, the once or twice I heard from Chloe (his former makeup artist: nothing to really brag about in terms of being singled out; she is really, really good about communicating with fans in general when someone’s got a question she can answer), the random exchanges with the woman who licked his face in The Book Group and the woman who went to high school with his sister, and so on. It’s not the Rory exclusives that Hound’s Lair gets, but it’ll do me. I’m not sorry I started this thing. I’m only sorry I haven’t done better with it. Well, it’s not a done deal. It’ll be around for a while yet. And I get good library time lately, so I’ll probably take advantage.

Don’t count on any screenshots for a while yet, though. I suppose I could watch my DVDs here in the library, the problem is I’ve got them in storage because I couldn’t justify keeping them in the car. But if I can get that going again after things settle down, I was thinking maybe do them with the commentary like I used to do on Instagram. That seemed to tickle some people’s funnybones. I wish I could say I was that funny in person. I would be lying. Alas.