Administrivia: 19 February 2021

There have been changes in the following:

Articles. Minor stuff in the introductory blurb.

Bio. Minor change further down the page due to adding a new page (see next section, “new things”).

Blog. Yep, rebooting again. I keep aiming for a certain something that I haven’t quite been attaining. I’m not even sure which incarnation we’re on now… third? fourth? It’s all good. Some links will be broken elsewhere until I go through and get everything sorted, but the site is still quite usable.

Filmography. Where the fuck did it go??? Oh, I changed the name. Blame TheMuse. After reading this article, I realized calling the page a CV fits a lot better for what I want to put on it.

Finding Rory. Simplifying and linking to supplemental information.

Intellectual property. Just some minor changes.

Rory McCann’s love life. I thought the previous version of this was way too wordy for the message I was trying to get across and I also wanted to tighten up the items of “evidence” for Rory’s past relationships, as I repeated some information unnecessarily and it was kind of muddled up. I think it is a good deal more readable now, but basically says the same thing. I have added some snark, so be aware of that if you’re allergic.

Social media. This page is VERY different now, and you’ll want to read it if you’re a frequent visitor. If you aren’t, obviously don’t worry about it.

–and I changed a simple thing, the hover/click color on the menu items, to yellow from blue. I mean. Yellow and black(ish). Duh.


New thing:

Rory’s boats. You probably don’t know what you thought you knew about these.


Up and coming:

Making text-file templates for the typical pages I add in each section. It will save me having to go into existing pages to copy and paste their code and then edit it.

Going through all the articles and making sure everything’s the way I want it. I see some URLs (web page addresses) I need to shorten (yes this will mess up your links; hope you haven’t made any from here) and I may revise some notes as well.

Adding more Getty embeds. I’ve been chattering about that for over a year and it’s time I actually did it. I had a lot of trouble with the oldest embeds going bad, but things have remained stable since I finally fixed that, so let’s go ahead already.

Figuring out what to do with the Screenshots section. Do I want it or do I want to add the screenshots to the Filmography section? Decisions, decisions.


We need more images on this site! I finally might have figured out what to put in the “backstretch” section, and adding some kind of header pic in each section is a good idea too.


Fascinatingly, because there’s no visible link that would allow it and comments do not auto-publish here (I must approve every one), someone’s been leaving spam comments. I overshare anyway, hence am mentioning it. I mark them as spam and delete them and move on. If I can ever figure out where the loophole is, it will go away.


Lest I come off as bragging (Glob forbid). I sometimes have sleepless nights, and last night’s was.