Administrivia: 18 March 2021

This is just a little hiccup of an update because I noticed something out of place over the past day.

The process for deleting a Facebook page is weird. You tell Facebook, “OK, Facebook, I would like to delete this Page” (they like to capitalize “Page”) and Facebook goes, “Okay, but you have to wait fourteen days for Ultimate Deletion. You might be drunk-deleting right now and we don’t want you screaming at us tomorrow.” Cool. Okay.

So I go the MORE than two weeks and am puttering around on Facebook at some point over the past day and I notice… the Page is still there.

No. Nope. Uh-uh. This is not what it said on the tin.

So I go into the settings, right? It’s got the Delete option still available so I click that thinking, Well fuck, I guess I’ll be waiting two weeks again.

Except… not. This time Facebook went, “Oh, you MEANT it? Okay then,” and poof… it was gone.

End of an era. Or an error. Take your pick.

ANYWAY, so if you wondered why it went over the two-week period, that’s why.

Maybe at some point Facebook will install a breathalyzer, after it installs my garage-door opener*, and then we won’t have to do this. I won’t hold my breath, alcohol-soaked** or otherwise.

*This is a running joke with me. I can tell when they’ve updated or “improved” or added something at Facebook because when it hits the server I’m on — I’m convinced Facebook is installed on multiple servers or multiple sections of a server or something — everything slows down and starts acting up. Every time this happens, I complain that I’m still waiting for my garage-door opener. Fuckers never install it, either. Instead, soon after I see a new feature NOBODY asked for. Like the recent layout change, which I still think looks too damned much like Twitter and which makes my browser very unhappy. Bad form, Facebook.

**Not that this is a usual thing with me. I can’t seem to get away from caffeine forever, but I can take or leave booze.