Administrivia: 16 January 2023

Had a bit of a hiccup today and yesterday with the observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, as the library was closed both days. So I haven’t been on my laptop today. I was at a coffee shop yesterday but didn’t get around to here. And now I’m on my phone. And now I’m putting you all to sleep so let’s get on with it.

Haha, remember how it was me saying “oh no, big man can’t be married, and here’s why”? Well, now I’ve gone in the direction of “yes, he probably is” and apparently there are people coming up with reasons that just can’t be. Y’all got more camps than a Roman legion. I’m just saying.

Look, I don’t get why he runs around without her either, but we’re talking about the guy who will not even go on record to say he’s hitched. I have to think she insisted upon staying on the down-low because, as I’ve pointed out before, he was a pretty open book about this back in the day. Maybe she knows the fandom a bit too well? Maybe she has a crazy ex? I dunno, but something’s going on there and hey, if it were me, I probably wouldn’t want to tell people either. ‘Course, my reasons would be probably be very different. For one thing, I am not red-carpet material. Not arm candy. Nothing to brag about, really. People would laugh. I would be very sad. I can’t fathom she has those issues, I’m just saying it’s possible to have some kind of issues and those would be mine.

Anyway, from what I understand, he had been working when spotted in Northeast England two weekends ago. It’s pretty normal for actors to not take spouses along on a job. He clearly takes her other places. I bet she was the photographer for that pic of him in his IG post, as well as holding the camera for his silly little joust video. (And by “silly” I mean “big man is too cute for his own good.”) And of course they were in Portugal together.

As to the idea that if he were married she would have sorted out his wardrobe by now. Yes, I heard (read) that sentiment expressed. Damn, y’all savage. 😆 No seriously though, don’t be like that. And here again I can only speak to how I’d do in that hypothetical situation. If he launders it, keeps it in good repair, and is marginally competent at matching colors, I don’t give a rotten fuck what he wears. Well, okay, don’t be a weirdo with it (for reasons of political neutrality and drama-avoidance, I will not elaborate), but other than that.

I gotta say (1) his prioritizing a good time over being a fashion plate impresses me — he knows friends and family and laughs matter more; (2) it’s been tremendous fun for me recognizing some of his shirts, e.g. “Oh hey, that’s his Hound audition shirt!” which, by the way, I think he still owns; (3) I would be the world’s biggest hypocrite if I criticized his wardrobe because I dressed like a hobo long before I became one. I wouldn’t even call him one. I’d say he likes to be comfortable. Is me. I get it.

But… come on. We’ve seen him be gorgeous and natty.

Bond. James Bond.

Bet he didn’t need any woman to show him how to do that.

But I have to say even his unkempt look, especially in full beard… mmm.


Oh. Right. I said I’d scale that back.

Anyway. YOU know what I mean.

Okay. Perhaps more work on this site tomorrow. No promises, but I’d like to. ‘Later.