Administrivia: 14 April 2022

A few quick thoughts.

Part the first:


If you’re guilty, you know why I am saying this. (If you aren’t, don’t worry about it.)

Thanks in advance.

Part the second:

I need to just quit saying “I have work coming up.” I don’t until I actually do. Good developments in that vein again today and tomorrow, but no guarantee of outcome. Literally, I arrived at the workplace I had mentioned being scheduled for in my previous post only to see a text from the temp agency going “Wait! There’s no job there now!”, basically. I spent a couple days, that one and the next, moping. It was pretty bad.

Good thoughts/vibes/whatever would be appreciated that things improve soon. I’m managing, but I wish I could manage differently.

Part the third:

I wasn’t sure whether to lead with this, but then follow it up with the useless trivia above, or to save it for last as I wound up doing and then feel like I led off with useless trivia, but remember Tracey Emin? Yeah, she’s been having a rough go of it the past two years, having been diagnosed with bladder cancer most of two years ago. Finding that out just now immediately made me think of Kerry McGregor who played Carol Ann, Kenny McLeod’s first girlfriend within the timeline of The Book Group. McGregor also had bladder cancer and passed away of it ten years ago. In her case she had had stomach pains as her only real warning symptom; I’m not sure, but I think she had some paralysis following the accident which had originally put her in her wheelchair (from what I understand, she still had partial ability to stand and maybe walk), so maybe the pain signals got misrouted? Emin did not have that issue and so I suspect they caught hers a lot earlier in its development. But this is just one of those bizarre coincidences that can have you quietly freaking out a little.

McGregor was born the same year as me, and Emin’s older than Rory by several years. Not quite the same age as Annie Griffin, I don’t think, but probably pretty close.

Anyway. I should get to bed soon. Interview tomorrow. It isn’t massively early but I like to have a good head start. Ni ni.