Administrivia: 13 May 2021

It’s distantly possible that some of you may have noticed a glitch not long ago (2 in the morning my time, Eastern Daylight Time, closest you’re gonna get to a location for a while yet, if ever). Apparently there is a new version of WordPress, so I upgraded. If you visit a site when it’s upgrading WordPress, you… pretty much don’t see a site. So that’s what that was.

This is mostly an “I’m not dead” post. You know I do those.

I am not in a good mood, and it’s personal stuff, and I never know quite how much of it to explain in these posts because that’s not what the site’s about. But I’m also trying not to succumb to some kind of bad mood or another because I have to be “on” for the kiddo.

Might get around to big man in the next few days, might not. A window of opportunity has opened up (mostly because I broke the fucker open) to catch up on some messes around here and I don’t know how much I’d feel like doing this in my off-time after hours of shifting junk around and wearing myself out, but we’ll see.