Administrivia: 11 November 2022

Most of the chatter I’m seeing from my Google alert about Rory has to do with his Megatron role and I think mainly it’s just articles mentioning him somewhere in the cast list, usually at the end of the piece. Once in a while something else comes up. This time it was some random clickbait about how some actors have taken roles that made them look unrecognizable. Rory will be pleased to know that he made the list and that the blogger thinks he is handsome without the burn makeup on. Welcome to Rory McCann fandom, Random Blogger. It is a weird and wonderful and… stimulating… place. Enjoy your stay.

You’re going to 🙄 think I’m a weirdo, but I actually think Rory looks less like himself as Michael Armstrong than he does as Sandor Clegane. He wore prosthetic teeth as Lurch, and they pushed his facial features just a tad out of place. Also, Rory’s a really intelligent guy, and of course Lurch… isn’t. Though I can’t say how successful Rory was at doing the vacant-eyes thing. Al… THOUGH… I don’t know if it’s fair to call Lurch “vacant”. More like Lurch wasn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but had his own way of looking at things. Maybe that’s why Rory played him so well. Because Rory is smart, but… has his own way of looking at things. So there’s that intersection there, see?

Yes, I’m sober.

And not smoking anything.


Another reason Rory did well as Lurch was Lurch was a very physical role and Rory is quite the physically coordinated fella. All that time rambling about outdoors and climbing up things did wonders for Rory’s physique and capabilities. His fight scene in the inn at the beginning of Season 4* in Game of Thrones is a goddamn work of art. Here. Watch it again. Revel in its beauty.

(You will have to go to YouTube to see it; it won’t embed here. Fuckers. Just click on that embed and there you go.)

You might well watch this scene and ask yourself, as I asked myself the first time, “Self, do you suppose he’s a dancer?” But I hadn’t watched him in Jack ‘n’ Jill yet at that time, so of course I didn’t know any better. For those of you who have seen JnJ, I mean the scene when “Jill” agrees to go on a date with Jack. (What did you think I meant? Pervs.) I wouldn’t know if he’s got any formal dance training, but I do know that whatever he learned wherever/ however he learned it, boy can move.

I wish people who wrote for movies and TV were better at writing well-rounded characters. Maybe they’re not supposed to; maybe characters are always supposed to be archetypes. I think that’s a load of bullshit, but I’m not one of the cool kids who knows everything about how visual entertainment works. But it seems like screenwriters, casting directors, et al either want a romantic leading man who doesn’t look a day over twenty-five and has a full head of hair, or they want some dude who is big and strong and moves well to be the bodyguard or the cop or the faithful musclehead retainer or whatever, and God forbid you have a romantic leading man who’s big and strong and has lost his hair because that just gets everyone’s wires crossed. It’s fucking stupid, is what it is. But I don’t make the rules. Probably a good thing, given the past year, but anyway.

People think my dude is a funny guy onscreen, too, which crosses wires even more. I don’t see why, after Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, but maybe idiots thought that only applied to cartoon rabbits? I dunno, I’ve given up trying to understand. Maybe there’s nothing to understand. Long as my dude’s happy with the roles he gets, I’m good. I kind of got the vibe that he was uncomfortable with too much romance in his work anyway. He probably got a kick out of playing Moby in The Crew, because his character could fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of nookie without having to be schmoopy about it.


I do not know anything about any interviews that I don’t already have linked here unless I was too lazy to link them. I’ve been absolutely, positively horrible about keeping this thing updated and I’m sorry.

I actually have contemplated setting up a special email address or three for people to send me tips and links and similar, but I’m afraid they would be abused. But on the other paw, the email accounts would be very easy to delete if that happened. I do self-hosted email addresses for projects like this, not that Gmail shit. So… I dunno.

At some point I’d like to get back to trying to track down more of the print media he’s been featured in. I had a fantastic lead for a certain thing I know about, but that was right before every damn thing ever in my life blew up in my face last year, so it had to be postponed. I am about 80% sure I have worked out the mail situation for things I actually want to get to me here without having to expend great effort to fetch them, but I still have to sort out the living expenses completely, so… priorities. Honestly I’m shocked I haven’t sold off any of my Rory media yet. It’s replaceable. The one thing I’m keeping for sure is the autographed photo. But hopefully it never gets to the point I have to think about anything like that. For one, we’re about to blow right through the holiday season, and then everyone will be broke in January and I’ll really be fucked. In other words, if I were going to do it, it had better be soon. I probably won’t, though.


Life’s okay. One foot in front of the other, moving forward whenever I can stand to move. Making tentative plans; tentative is always the best I can do anymore.

*Corrected from season 3. Been too long since I’ve seen the show; guess it’s time to watch it again. Oh please don’t throw me in that briar patch.