Administrivia: 10 September 2022

I suppose no one who follows this blog has been living under a rock, therefore everyone is aware of the recent major news coming out of the United Kingdom, right?

I have no dog in the fight insofar as how anyone might feel one way or the other about the British monarchy. I will just say it would be really ironic (is that the right word?) if Scotland finally gained its independence during the current sovereign’s reign, considering. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google “Bonnie Prince Charlie.”

Also, the Stuart family still exists in exile. Nothing will come of it, of course, but it’s interesting to think about.

(Actually, if Scotland did go independent, the chances that they would have a monarchy again are slim to none. Just saying.)

If you’re me and you like to wonder about Rory McCann’s opinions on various topics, you tend to wonder what he thinks of this latest development. I will be surprised if we ever find out. He used to be a bit more outspoken than he is now, yes, but I suspect these days he’d rather not have to eat his words. Also, I think that his managing his image to fine-tune people’s opinions of him would be thankless, boring work for him, and something he’d rather not be doing because it cuts into actually fun things like hillwalking and would interfere with his acting work. If he were inclined in that direction we’d have seen it already. His silence says more than words ever could.

But I rather suspect, if he expressed an opinion on current developments, it would go something like this:

…Or I’m making a tasteless joke to mark the occasion and Rory’s actually sad to see the Queen go and reserving judgment on King Charles until some time has passed, because Rory isn’t necessarily Sandor most of the time, much as he identified with the character when he was still playing him. I have heard of exactly one person who thought Rory was an asshole when she met him, but given the context I suspect she got a bit too much into his personal space when he was trying to enjoy dinner out and he got grumpy about it, and that assumes she didn’t just misinterpret his mood or something — this does happen to people. (Happens to me too, I was startled one day to learn that people didn’t like to approach me because of my resting bitch face.) Everyone else I’ve run across who’s met him and had something to say about it, though, has had nothing but praise. And he just has this vibe as kind of a sweet guy in interviews. So he could just be marking the occasion with proper decorum along with everyone else. Who knows.

We know he likes castles, though. Wonder if he still wants one. (Wonder if he now HAS one.)

No news otherwise about the big man. The few media outlets — and I use that term loosely because most of them are clickbait sites — that bother trying to keep up with him have given up on seeing anything new and just repeat the same listicles over and over again. I still feel very avoidant about looking him up on Instagram, where at least occasionally a fan will upload evidence of a recent encounter, because I got tired of all the silly uninformed conversations that would result. I swear I’m not a snob, it’s just people repeat the same old disproven or unproven (two different things) nonsense over and over again or they will make an uneducated guess based on something already disproven… it’s not that important, I know, but I’m a big-mouth know-it-all and if I even see those conversations I’ll get sucked in. So I don’t look.

I also have to admit I’m a teensy bit afraid that one of these days someone will catch him with a girlfriend or wife after all. You like to see the big man happy, yes. But part of you also thinks how much fun it’d be to run into him somewhere someday without risking drama, y’know? Or you do if you’re me, anyway. Yes, I’m pathetic. Shaddup.

Okay. I need to get to bed soon. I had had things worked out with earning for my room every week, but I have had to shift things a bit. I got wind of a special class I can take for free at the community college downtown which may improve my employment prospects quite a bit, and I’ve been to two sessions already. That takes up two days a week. I had been contemplating the merits of possibly taking two days off a week anyway, but it means I have to earn a little bit more per day than I had been getting away with previously. I’m not allergic to work, I just don’t like the wear and tear on my car which I usually can’t afford to fix (only minor stuff, and even then it completely stresses me out), so squeaking by was better than pushing too hard. Eh, so I’m rebalancing again. It’s only until 6 October, anyway — that’s the last class session. Then we’ll see. I hope for nothing. This has been a strange year.