Administrivia: 08 February 2023


“There’s an elephant in the living room,” you’re saying, “and won’t you discuss it here?”

Nope. I discussed it elsewhere*. We are moving on now. You can like it and stay, or hate it and go. Whether I always act like one or not, we’re all adults here.

But that’s not what I came here to talk about.

I came here to talk about Rory’s name.

My boat friend Emily, with whom I’ve had a long email conversation since probably about November, has gone silent. But one thing we discussed before she vanished was Rory’s middle name. I will not say what it is here, and many of you know what it is already, but one of you told me and she confirmed it. Now, you both could still be leading me around by the nose, and we’ll never know for sure unless I figure out how to look up his birth info or he comes out and says it. I’m not going to find out how to dig up his birth info because that goes a little bit over the line for me. I couldn’t say why, if legally it is considered public information. I can’t say I’m being consistent. Welcome to my life. It’s like that here.


But I had attempted, in the past, to find out the meaning of Rory’s first name because it is a nice name and I’ve noticed a lot of guys are given it in the UK. What’s that about? Well, I finally, today, attempted to look it up again. This time I was successful. It seems that these days you can literally type a question into Google’s search bar and that’s a pretty effective way to get it answered. Like, I could type in, “What is the tallest building in the world?” and it will answer. Or, “What does it sound like when my brake pads are worn down?” and it’ll direct me to a YouTube video answering that question. (I actually did this several months ago.) So, this time around I typed in, “What does the name Rory mean?”

So, this is fun. Here are what Rory’s first two names mean. If what I heard is really Rory’s middle name.

RORY: Red king
RORY’S MIDDLE NAME: Peaceful ruler

I like that a lot better than what Philip, his previously-fandom-assumed middle name, means which is “lover of horses.” I mean, that can be innocuous, of course, but these days it’s not something you want hung on you. Anyway, the one time I heard Rory talk about riding a horse, he talked about Fat Bob whom he rode in the first-ever episode of Game of Thrones, and that wasn’t a terribly comfortable experience for him. I don’t imagine he rides horses very often. So, not a great fit.

But ANYWAY. I don’t know how fashionable it was to look up the meanings of names when naming one’s baby back in the 1960s. People used to care about the meanings of the names they gave their kids, but a lot of people don’t seem conscious of that in modern times, if the crime blotter’s any indication. 🙄 So maybe Rory’s mother just gave him a couple names she thought sounded good. Or maybe he’s named after his dad. That sounds like a “name I got from my dad” sort of name. But my first instinct on finding out the meanings of his first two names is to think, “WOW. Rory’s mom REALLY loves him.”

Which tracks, given they’ve had a good relationship his whole life.

I cannot say how peaceful Rory actually is on any given day — I know he can be a bit of an animal when he’s been drinking, but it seems to come out in silly ways — but certainly he seems to seek out peace more often than not, hence the being a recluse. So it fits, I suppose.

We’ve already gone over the meaning of Rory’s surname, if you’re curious and have not seen that yet. Have fun.

*It is absolutely nothing to do with Rory, except in the sense that being his fan put me in the path of said elephant, but that’s not his fault. So if you don’t know what’s going on and you are only here for Rory, you are 100% not missing anything important.