Administrivia: 08 August 2021

RATS. That issue of Rolling Stone I was talking about? Picked it up yesterday and nada. There was an article about Kit, an article about GRRM, and that was pretty much it for the Game of Thrones stuff.


I can’t just go chasing magazine back issues all over the place. I have other stuff to worry about right now so I’ll give it a bit of a think at some point, try to search a bit better, and go on from there. And that assumes Rory’s interview made it to print at all. It might not have — might be online-only. All these print publications freaking the fuck out because they’re losing print readers and they won’t even put the good shit in their print editions. I THINK I SEE THE PROBLEM HERE.

Oh well.

And this has been an object lesson to me that if I ever do anything weird like sell entertainment-magazine back issues online (this is a hair more common than you’d think), I must remember to add the issue’s table of contents to the sales listing. Because a lot of people don’t do that and it makes searching very frustrating. Everyone has better things to do with their time than keep ordering the wrong back issue over and over again.

I will probably keep this RS issue for at least a while for other reasons, because I skimmed through the GRRM thing and there was some interesting stuff. Might enjoy Kit’s article too, I dunno. I have a general interest in ASOIAF/GOT stuff anyway. Oh, my sweet summer child.

(See? SEE? Told you.)

In the meantime I really should focus more on collecting Rory’s filmography. I have some things, and I’m pleased to note and have mentioned in the past (possibly on Instagram) that I do have the eight-season boxed Blu-Ray set for GOT, so that’s something because the Conan O’Brien special’s in it and there’s some other cool shit that at least touches on info about Rory here and there. And some of the stuff I have I have not screencapped yet, and some I want to redo.

This in the midst of doing other things to get ready to really make shit change for myself next year.

Hooooo boy.

(No, am not going to Scotland, just to nip that in the bud right now, but what I will be doing is still a huge change and I have to say there is some trepidation about it.)


(not really. everyone’s asleep)

Okay. It’s really early in the morning, like, 3:37 as I look at the clock writing this. I think I mentioned somewhere that I have a really bad night-owl habit? Like this. SIGH