Administrivia: 06 October 2022

This popped up in my Google alerts today. It seems to be more SEO bait/ clickbait, one or the other or both, but I’m highlighting it because the author was kind enough to point out Rory’s BAFTA win. This is not something you hear mentioned a lot in the press but yes, Rory got one for The Book Group.

As Rab used to say: “Good on ya, big man!”

WordPress has updated itself a few times since I began this site, and I’m liking a recent change. I have more time to compose a title for a blog post before WordPress parses it as a link. Nice touch. Such a small detail, but one they’d overlooked for too long; I have better things to do than edit URLs.

I was mistaken about my class ending next week. Today was the last day and I even got a sort of a diploma. First course I’ve completed in thirty years. I’d started school or training a few other times but never finished. The irony is I didn’t pay a dime for this one so there wasn’t even any tuition at stake. I’m weird, I guess. Although I suppose there’s still money at stake another way; if this gets me the job I suspect it might, I wouldn’t have gotten that job any other way because I’m pretty sure the employer lets a bot or an AI system make its hire and fire decisions from the online applications it gets. Not cool, Employer. But I’ll forgive you if you hire me.

I have things to do if this works out. I have plans. I may actually be able to follow through on them now.

Bet you can guess one of them if you think real hard.

Look out, big man…


A postscript: I really should get back to watching Rory stuff, but at this moment (around 10:30 at night) I’m scrolling through Tubi, curious to see what all’s there vs. what I’d actually be in the mood to see.

So far, I’ve seen one Rory thing listed: Season of the Witch.


Rory has all of one scene in this. In the beginning. That’s it. Not sure I’d want to slog through the rest of it; I’ve not heard good things. Oh well.