Administrivia: 05 September 2021

Peeking in again. Personal stuff going on again. In a tizzy again. I am not going to explain it here, because that is not what this is for. If you really want to know what’s going on, you have ways of finding out from here if you think really hard about it. I have been meaning to link to my homepage from here anyway. I will probably do that soon.

But to make a very long story very, very short, I will be relocating soon. I think I might have mentioned that already, but things have gotten so stupid and I am under so much stress that it’s either leave or drop dead of a stroke or something. I exaggerate only slightly.

If Rory has stayed single all these years and isn’t just being secretive, he’s the smart one.

ANYWAY, I don’t know how much of an interruption to this site you should anticipate over the next few months. Where I’m hoping to go, internet connectivity will at least be better than it was the last time I lived down there. I can’t predict anything else about how things will be. It will depend on whether I can go stay with my dad a while. I’m thinking probably so but, given the way the year has gone so far, I’m not counting on it. If I do move in with Dad then interruption should be minimal and I still can’t say how often I’ll look in here because I’ll likely be working as many hours as I can manage and probably taking care of my dad too. If I can’t move in with Dad, shit, I don’t know. I have some ideas. The interruption will probably be longer, in that case, until I sort all that out.

It’s just more uncertainty and I’m already living with a lot, but at least I’ll be able to figure this bit out and stand to be much happier in some ways once it’s done.

Okay. Enough of that. Here’s a Rory to cheer me up.

up yer kilt!

It is always a joy to see pretty legs on a man. Hee.