Administrivia: 04 April 2022

Fucking hell. Me and my big mouth, I go bragging about work and then my whole life goes kerflooey again.

I won’t get into it all now and I wasn’t fired, this is just one of the known hazards of temp work. So I’m still looking, and delivery-driving is still an option. I’m taking today, though, and letting myself be mopey about it. And junk food is definitely not off the table. (That would just be a sad waste of Doritos.)

I remembered today, though, almost too late, that this is Rory’s birth month! Holy shit! I have sent him a card the past two years (2019 was the birth year for this website, which I happened to start up just before his 50th birthday), but I’m not sure what to do this year. I might draw him something, I don’t know. The card I sent last year I handcrafted as it was; it was block-printed from a Clegane dog I had carved and used to make myself a COVID face mask. (In the rush to get the fuck away from my daughter’s father last September, I accidentally left my dog block at his house. I will probably never see it again.) Whatever I do, I suppose I better hurry the fuck up, huh?

I think one thing I may do in the next little while to sort of sustain myself is maybe some fan art if I can get pieces done quickly enough; one reason I’ve never made a go of art as my regular living is I’m so fucking slow. (My art teacher used to make fun of me for being “meticulous.” Yeah, and I won two prize ribbons that school year, which I’m sure was a complete coincidence…) I will probably do things that are trading-card size, just because they’ll be faster to make and easier to ship. But I’m not going to link them from here, because I said I wouldn’t use this site for that. Some of you are following my art page on Instagram though, sad little joke of an account that it is. I’ll make better connections to there soon once I get a few things figured out, because of course I have to be having issues with my damn art website as well. Don’t ask. It’s been that sort of year.

But! I have a roof over my head, and the staff here seem to like me (they took it upon themselves to renew my room key until May 4, which they don’t do; usually it’s a week at a go when someone renews their stay), and I’m knockin’ on my head hoping things get better. They aren’t terrible, so there’s that.

And here’s more Rory. Just ’cause.

awwwwww he so kyute