Administrivia: 03 October 2022

For a long time on Facebook I had so few “friends”* that occasionally Facebook would check in with me to see if maybe I might not like to add a few more and, if so, here was a suggestion list about ten miles long. Shut up, Facebook. But recently I’ve begun adding people or they’ve been adding me and so things have gotten a good bit more lively. It helps with the isolation.

Anyway, some of them are bad influences. Never mind what the inspiration for this meme was but trust me, it burned my tender eyeballs. 🙄

So then they handcuffed me and said anything I said could be held against me.  So I said, "Rory McCann."

Think I’ll go pin it on Pinterest. I haven’t pinned anything in ages. 😎

*I say “friends” in quotation marks like that because that’s what Facebook calls them. The person could literally be some random stranger I allowed to add me for no reason at all — and once upon a time, that really did happen and they weren’t all bots — and I’d still have to call them a “friend.” But in this case they actually were friends, as in people I actually know in real life, so in case any of them read this, hence my explanation. YES, YOU’RE MY FRIENDS. MWAH.