Administrivia: 02 November 2022

So, there’s this genre of video on YouTube and I don’t know if it just sort of spontaneously evolved or if someone made an artificial fad out of it or maybe a bit of both, exacerbated by the social effects of the pandemic where people were making their own entertainment because Hollywood had been so shut down. But it’s what the kids call “reaction video.” Basically a YouTuber sits and watches a video or a movie and records themselves reacting to it. I don’t watch what you’d call a wide range of them because you can only watch people react to The Princess Bride so many times before it gets old, but I’ve zeroed in on a couple accounts I like.

One’s the Rob Squad, oddly named (I’m sure there’s a story) as the guy running the channel calls himself Jay and his wife’s name is Amber, and I guess they’re my favorite at this point. It is weird to realize I’m old enough to be either of them’s mother. (Yes, they have kids of their own. Shush. I’ve already had the “grandma” treatment, thanks.) Well, with Halloween just past, of course, they did a bunch of seasonally topical reactions. Here’s one they did this week, in fact.

“What’s this got to do with Rory?” you’re asking. Fair question. If you have heard this song before, maybe you are not asking the question. If you have NOT heard the song before, listen to the song and then think about it.

Given that Rob Zombie is supposed to be this fantastic human being when not in his stage persona, and given his general vocal sound, I had this brief flash of “Hm, I bet Rory would like this music if he hasn’t heard it already. And wouldn’t it be interesting if he and Rob collaborated — Rory’s growly voice would kind of work with this genre. If anyone could get Rory over his dislike of horror films, too, maybe Rob could. Potentially.”

I’ve got to put something here that passes for content so, in case Rory hasn’t actually met Rob yet but ever stops by this site, here’s me putting this bug in his ear.

(Sorry, Rory. Yes, cover your adorable ears. There ya go.)

Of course, Rory doesn’t have to get over his dislike of horror films. This is purely a hypothetical. While I will watch more horror stuff than Rory would, I too cover my eyes when something particularly ick pops up. I actually used to binge The Walking Dead while knitting or crocheting so I could look down at my work at strategic moments. (The walkers were never the point for me; I like the story.) There are probably entire scenes of TWD that I wouldn’t recognize if they came onscreen with the sound off. So, basically… Relatable. I will happily read horror novels, however. Don’t lose a lick of sleep over them, either.


I did not know about reaction videos per se when I first got hardcore into Rory McCann fandom. I had probably encountered them a time or three but it didn’t really trip my trigger. Now I wish I’d watched all the stuff of Rory’s that I’ve seen so far with a camera pointed at me. Especially with The Crew. Hahahahaha. Oh God. No, you don’t want to see me freaking out over a brothel fetish scene. HAHAHAHAHA. I didn’t do anything weird or stupid but I kind of lost it at that point. The FACES that man was making. KNOWING he had a fart machine on set because by the time I saw the brothel scene in its proper context I HAD READ THAT ARTICLE. Oh God. That was awesome.

I suppose the way I used to do screenshots at Instagram might have counted as a proto-reaction… thing? Sort of? Maybe?


Okay. Whatever. Moving on.


Okay, it’s official. I no longer have any kids.

Don’t look at me like that. Nothing’s happened. Just, my older one turned 26 this year, so that was a done deal long ago, and today my daughter is 18.

The past few years have been horrible, and the most recent one in particular, but just the same I do not know where the time has gone. People having bad relationships with their mothers sort of runs in my family and I had hoped to break the cycle. We’re all a bit brittle and hair-trigger about various things and it doesn’t help. Wish I knew what Rory’s mum’s secret is if she’s still got a good relationship with him. She should bottle it and sell it, she’d make a killing.

(I’d probably buy it all. That’d be a LOT of driving, I’m afraid. Worth it.)