Administrivia: 02 March 2023

Well, as you can see, the crisis is past for another month.

I had a decent day yesterday, particularly for a Wednesday, and most particularly for a day where I could not drive all the way until 9pm. Even got a surprise tip increase. I love those and hadn’t seen a really good one in a bit due to scaling back with the car problems and then not driving at all for days.

People (not me, I don’t care) have been fighting about TV and computer access at the shelter, so they’ve restricted our access to those. I have my laptop, but haven’t felt like poking the bear. My best screenshots and files are all there, so.

But! I may be housed soon. I will see how things fall out.

Anyway. Gotta pick up car. Brakes are fine, just new-pad noise. Good. Onward!