Administrivia: 02 July 2021

You’re going to laugh at me.

I was digging through all sorts of things for another blog I’m working on (never mind, it’s not important here), and looking at features available on free themes through WordPress dot org, and then…

of all things…

after a moderate bit of testing, I realized that one of the default themes you get with a self-hosted WordPress install like this one is actually going to best meet my needs here.

*headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

Rotating header images? Check.

Header images bigger on the main page than anywhere else? Check. (So the content will be easier to read.)

Menu items wrap around properly, if I can’t put in header and footer menus? Check.

Okay. I can work with this. I like the Genesis stuff, but I was NOT looking forward to all the fucking around with CSS I’d have to do to make it do what I wanted it to do here. I might still want to change some stuff like link colors on the theme I’m about to use, but that’s not as hard as what I’d not been looking forward to having to do with the Genesis one.

I’m not going to set it up until I set up some images to put into the header. I don’t just want to dump screenshots into it; too many of them have black bars around them or are otherwise unsuitable. I’ll pick some good ones though, don’t worry. I don’t think there is an upper limit to how many the theme will take and it specifically has a rotation setting. This should be fun.

So you probably won’t see it tonight, but it shouldn’t be too long from now if not.

(But you never know. I need a shower and, while my hair’s really short these days and doesn’t need long to dry, it needs some time. I imagine I’ll make a decent amount of progress in image-editing if nothing else.)

Oh wait, right, I bet I know what you’re thinking. “Why are you starting another blog if you have so much trouble keeping up with this site?” Because in the new one I’m just writing (and I type at more than 100 words per minute), whereas here I have all this other content to take care of. They require different kinds of effort and different amounts of energy. That’s why.

Don’t worry. I’m still here, and stuff is still getting done. Promise.