Administrivia: 01 May 2023

Well, it looks like Oor Rory has made it into The Scotsman again. Conga rats, my dude. It’s been a while.

That said, and I’ve said this before in previous incarnations of this blog: the entertainment media are sloppy. I saw that exact six million figure (and is it quid or USD? Gotta be quid, The Scotsman isn’t exactly America-centric) from random tabloid blog bullshit four or fivethree or four years ago, meaning they got the figure from Rory’s time on Game of Thrones. These publications all steal info from one another just like the fangirls steal photos on Instagram. I suppose it’s easier than trying to interview the celebrity. Especially one who spends so much time being remote. But you end up with inaccurate information all over the place. It can be a liability depending on what information’s being passed around.

Or, possibly in Rory’s case, it can be a blessing because the noise of inaccurate information buries the signal of what’s actually going on, which actually would suit our dude’s general purposes these days. Privacy. That’s where it’s at.

So anyway. Fun little bit of fluff, I was surprised he came out ahead of Robert Carlyle. Robert’s slipping. Also, I have never seen Trainspotting in my life, a grievous oversight I must correct one of these days.

Okay. Stuff to do tomorrow. Better go to bed. Zzzzz.

[EDIT] I don’t even know what fucking year it is anymore. I was getting into Rory in ’18, but wasn’t serious about it until the following year. Four years, not five.