Administrivia: 01 May 2022

Holy shit, we’re into month five already. Where did the year go? Let me tell you, young’uns, if you think life is too slow right now, just you wait. The older you get, the faster it will fly by and the less you will want it to do that.

I used to know these people who made a big deal out of May Day, and I don’t mean Communists. One of them once wrote something like this:

Hip, hip, hooray, it’s the first of May!
Outdoor loving begins today!

You get the idea. Although I don’t recommend much of this to anyone living in western Scotland. Wee flying biting beasties in sensitive places. Ow.

So, I got a nice surprise from Uncle Sam. I don’t quite understand the whole thing myself but it has to do with some weird shit they did with the tax code last year. Chalk it up to something else Former House Male probably misled me about; he’d told me I got a stimulus payment, and I always thought that was weird because I got zero independent notification about it. I suspect HE got the payment and then passed it on to me so I wouldn’t feel left out, as he’d already gotten one or two of them. Just part of the overall mindfuck inherent in having that man in my life at all; one minute he was doing adorably considerate stuff like that, the next you realized he was lying through his teeth about it and found yourself wondering why in the world anyone would do that. Be that as it may. I filed for last year because I had made some money delivery-driving and the question came up. “You would have gotten a letter from the IRS,” the tax-filing site said. I never got a letter from the IRS, so I clicked “no.” Okay, we’ll be sending you fourteen hundred dollars in your refund. Do what? Okay. I’m not arguing.

So I waited on tenterhooks half expecting them to send me a message going “Psych! You’re getting forty-something dollars instead!” But it never happened. Instead I got a notification from PayPal (I can have stuff deposited to PayPal exactly like it’s a bank account now, routing number and everything) and it was even a day or two early.

That was two days before Rory’s birthday, actually, so the 22nd. Room fee, phone bill, full tank of gas for once (that was nearly sixty bucks, I believe), food at more than subsistence level, occasional frivolous purchase (like, a couple used books from Half Price Books)… and I’m about to pay for the room again. Not doing too badly though. I’m about to embark on a bit of an experiment with a different delivery service and if I like what I earn with them I may just stick with that for a while. I’ve been wanting to try them for ages but they don’t allow instant payouts and I was in a place where I really needed those, but I have some breathing room now so I’ll just go for it and see what happens. If I really like how the revenue looks, I’ll also move to a different location of the weekly motel I’m staying in where the roads are better and the restaurants more numerous and the student population is closer by. The room will be a little more expensive, say an additional $30-50 range per week, but if I like my income well enough to move I figure it will all average out.

It’s not exactly living on a boat, but it’s definitely interesting.

I also took up cross-stitching because I miss crafting and it’s relatively cheap (pro tip to the Americans: Do not buy DMC floss from JoAnn Fabrics; it is shockingly overpriced. I didn’t, opting for the inexpensive floss instead, and I hate it by comparison, but it’ll work) and I’m already trying to think up pottymouthed pattern ideas. I’ve actually designed cross-stitch before, for a co-worker who was really into Holly Hobbie and couldn’t find any patterns, but that was back in the mid-nineties. I don’t have that software anymore, but graph paper’ll do it.

Do you suppose anyone’s done embroidery of the Hound? I’ve seen digital work, graphite drawing, probably charcoal, definitely ink, paintings, wood-burning, and sculpture so far. Uh, and crochet, and a sewn art doll — Sandor the Seafarer, who is adorable, by the way. I don’t think I’ve seen anything on Aida cloth though. Hm.

Not that I need any more projects right now.

Not that that’ll stop me if I come up with a good idea. You never know.