Administrivia: 01 May 2021

Little bit of a note to say that I’m six of seven episodes through The Irregulars with no idea whether there will be another season. I guess we’ll see, won’t we?

Nonetheless, finally saw Rory again.

Is it me or does he look extra-cuddly in that padded suit they had him in?

Just me then?

Fine. Ain’t sharin’. C’MERE BIG MAN *mwah*

Anyway. I have not screencapped it as of right now but I’ve got the episode list up and waiting to go back into it and do that now that I’ve got some clue of what the fuck’s going on. I will get back to that later. I am not inclined to stay up til 4 or 5am. Still recovering from my stupidity the other day.

I will say that I’ve figured something out. To wit, that bird thing Jessie kept seeing is definitely a plague doctor and there are a bunch of them. Far as I’m concerned the chances that Rory played the one I saw in the first episode just went down to near-zero percent. You never know, but I doubt it. So we’ll see how that goes as I’m putting together the final screenshot section for this particular work of his. I’m not in a hurry. We’ll get there.

I do think that putting Jessie’s bird doctors in the first episode with a story about a man who spiritually controlled birds to nefarious ends really was not good timing, given the birdlike appearance of the mask, and I suspect I probably wasn’t the only one confused as to whether there was a connection between Jessie’s first plague doctor and Arthur the ornithologist. But whatever.

Small spoiler: they didn’t kill Arthur off. He’s a mess, but he was a mess anyway and inasmuch as it’s possible to be “in the right place” for mental healthcare in Victorian England, Arthur’s in the right place to be a mess. Maybe we’ll see him again and maybe we won’t. Hell, he could show up in episode 7. Who can say? Not me. But I’ll find out soon.

Okay. Off to bed at a reasonable hour for once. Which is still after 2am and I clearly have more work to do in this regard, and I’ll probably fail at it, as usual. ‘Night.