Um… Hi.

I figure down out of the way is the best place to put this page. Because this is my site, but it isn’t MY site, dig?

So… Hi! Obviously, I am the miscreant behind this site.

Here’s the bit about how I became a Rory McCann fan and here’s more info about this site generally. No need to take up extra space here.

I wasn’t sure where I would go with the fan site, but it seems to be evolving into some sort of weird career scrapbook for Rory. Works for me.

But if you’re still on this particular page, you may be after something biographical about me. I guarantee it will be boring, but I figure if I am going to go digging around in Rory’s life story, I may as well put some of mine out here. Fair’s fair.

First off, the above photo is no longer strictly current. In June of this year (see date below) I buzzed off my hair to about half an inch. It’s gotten a bit thinner over the years and doesn’t look good long anymore and I’ve pretty well given up. I will figure out some sort of actual hairstyle when there is no longer creeping plague to spread around in hair salons. Not really important now. Meanwhile I will invest in a few hats.

I’m five years younger than Rory and one foot shorter, with brown hair and brown eyes. The hair’s going a bit silver, mostly up front, and I need reading glasses now.

Background is Cajun — the French population of south Louisiana — and Ancestry DNA tells me, at least with the current genetic data update for the UK, that I have some amount of Scottish ancestry too. (I did not find this out until well after I’d become a Rory fan and started this site, and I giggled a lot when I got the updated results.) The consumer DNA companies are always changing their “ethnic analysis” results as they obtain new data, so who knows what that’ll say next year. But my Acadian ancestors would have been neighbors with Scottish people in what is now Nova Scotia, unless I miss my guess, so the claim is not implausible. I just don’t know what part of Scotland these putative Scottish ancestors were from. But my grandparents on both sides could speak fluent Cajun French. It was very cool.

I was born in Europe (in the same country and near the same town as one of my immigrant ancestors, in fact) and have been in two countries besides the United States, though I have not been outside the USA since 1981. I was a Navy brat and later an Army soldier and so moved around a lot within the USA before 2002, as well, before I got stuck where I am now. That’s nearly 20 years gone. I am long overdue for a wander, and I think that’s what I want to do next once I get Younger Kiddo somewhat established as an adult and get my own ducks in a row.

I like animals and music (especially, but not limited to, most of the rock supergenre), tend to obsess over the same books and TV shows with the occasional introduction of something new, and spend entirely too much time arguing on the internet with total strangers, but that last is mostly down to me having no life. I’m a bit of a maker and a tinkerer and tend to cycle through different crafts as the spirit moves me. I also tend to have weird random interests. I once heard Rory described by his co-workers at Game of Thrones as this person who will talk about the most random but interesting stuff — that’s me too. People think I am weird. They’re absolutely right.

Parents divorced when I was a baby and each remarried at least once. I had three half-brothers, one from Dad and two from Mom, but Mom’s younger died in late ’10 from a gun accident. (He was drunk, so I am not blaming the gun.) I’ve been married once (1995) and divorced (2001), and have had two kids, one from the marriage (1996) and one from after it (2004). Pretty sure I’m done. With having kids, at least, though signs aren’t too good for the rest of it either.

Not much in the realm of personal habits other than caffeine. I have introduced myself to whisky (what we Americans call “Scotch,” and note the lack of an “e” in the word) and, so far, rather like it. Never took up tobacco, though I’ve tried weed a few times (it’s been decades, and I’ll never run for office, so I don’t care). I guess my worst habit is being a night owl. Can’t seem to wholly shake it.

And that’s about it.


[Last updated: 05 August 2021]

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