Um… Hi.

I stan one dog in House Clegane, anyway I figure down out of the way is the best place to put this page. Because this is my site, but it isn’t MY site, dig?

So… Hi! Obviously, I am the miscreant behind this site.

Here’s the bit about how I became a Rory McCann fan and here’s more info about this site generally. No need to take up extra space here.

I wasn’t sure where I would go with the fan site, but it seems to be evolving into some sort of weird career scrapbook for Rory. Works for me.

But if you’re still on this particular page, you may be after something biographical about me. I guarantee it will be boring, but I figure if I am going to go digging around in Rory’s life story, I may as well put some of mine out here. Fair’s fair.

I’m five years younger than Rory and one foot shorter, with brown hair and brown eyes. The hair’s going a bit silver, mostly up front, and I need reading glasses now.

My family’s Cajun from South Louisiana with some non-Cajun French, Spanish, German, and… Scottish, oddly. Probably picked it up from back in Acadia, aka Nova Scotia.

(The Scots and the French have been friends a looooong time, it seems.)

I was born in Europe and have lived in three countries, including the USA, and several U.S. states in three different regions. Lived in Ohio the longest of anywhere, but am now back in Louisiana as of this year.

Like a certain tall man we all love, I am an introvert, like rock music and animals (he’s a dog person — was even before Game of Thrones — and I’m more about cats), and am interested in old-fashioned technology. Not so much an outdoor person, but my particular outdoors bites and itches and gets pretty hot and I’m not allowed to camp almost anywhere I want to.

Had three half-brothers growing up (one passed away in 2010) and have had two kids, one now in his mid-20s and the other just a year away from adulthood.

I’m a caffeine addict and occasionally drink a little (I find I like mildly peaty “Scotch,” but it’s expensive), and I suppose I’m a little bit of an internet addict, though I’d be less of one if I had a life. And that’s about it on vices. I’m pretty dull.

And there you go.

…What? You were expecting more? Well, that’s shaping up here. In case you need a sleep aid.


[Last updated: 11 November 2021]

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