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Note to Rory McCann fans on social media:

No media outlet has ever reported that Rory is on social media. Rory himself has played dumb about it in interviews (“What’s social media?”). Even if he is, he’s not, because no one outside his inner circle knows his account name(s). If you see anyone claiming to be him, unless there’s been a news report or the account has a blue check on it, report that account to whatever social-media site it’s on. They usually have an option for reporting a spammer, celebrity-impersonator, or fake account. Take your pick, basically.


When I first began this site in April 2019, I started three social-media accounts to go with it.

I dropped one and added a couple more in the second year.

Then stuff happened and I said, “Fuck it.”

I am still here and, at least for now (see “last updated” date below), intend to maintain this site for a good while yet. At some point I may get back into the social-media thing. But it is not likely to happen anytime soon.

If you see something out there in SocialMediaLand purporting to be me, come here and check. If I don’t link to it from here, it’s not me. You can decide what to do about it from there. I ain’t your mama.


[Last updated: 05 August 2021]

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