Administrivia: 27 February 2023

Okay, site update because my personal shit’s causing the need for this kind of update. I’m sure you all understand.

Friend of mine fronted me the money sufficient to get the phone bill paid, and that hit early this morning. My appointment to get my car fixed is tomorrow morning at 9am (Eastern Standard Time, if you’re curious), so I’ll be able to get up some money tomorrow. I’m thinking go south to Dublin and just make an afternoon of it — I’m anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes out depending on where I want to land. And then I’ll have the money to get this site back going if it goes out at all. I can make no promises. My hosting service is very imprecise in its choosing of due dates. It’s around the 27th-ish and that’s about the best I can do. It can go as far as two days later, I think. I’m sort of vague about it all.

The most likely glitch at this point is if I’m still charged tax for the car repair. I’m hoping not, ’cause I’m fucking tapped, and I just don’t like the way the car “feels” anymore when I’m operating it, though some of that is probably my own paranoia. But if that goes wrong, I can reschedule and I’ll just take the chance. People seem to be dragging their feet talking with me about various facets of my situation and I’m basically just winging it at this point.


Scotland news: Apparently there was this huge northern lights hoo-raw last night. I follow so many Scotland-based pages at this point that my Facebook feed was full of photos. It’s funny, because I originally started following that stuff hoping to see rare news about the big man, and then it all got interesting in its own right. I’m doing that Aspie thing of boring people to tears throwing random Scotland factoids at them, haha. (I don’t know if I actually am autistic, but it totally would not surprise me if I were on the mild end of the spectrum. Long story, not relevant here, and if any of you would be surprised either, you probably haven’t been paying attention.)

More Scotland news: There’s going to be a… coffee festival in Glasgow?

[bites back words]

[bites back more words]

I'm going to have to drink every fucking coffee on this set


…Uh. Where was I? Right.

Okay. Let’s just hang in there til I get this sorted. At this point I have evenings (thanks to curfew) and weekends (thanks to all the shit important to me fixing my life being closed) to screw around here, long as I don’t have chores to do, and I don’t tend to have a lot of those on any given day. Not by myself; there’s usually one other person to help. So I’ll have time to be here kickin’ up dickens. Whether I actually do is another matter, but we’ll see, I suppose.

Administrivia: 25 February 2023

Weird little crunch time again. I had said I wouldn’t make this about me. I am only writing this notice here because it directly affects the site.

You longtimers are likely aware that I went legally homeless on 11 January (far as I’m concerned, I’ve been actually homeless since 1 February of ’22, and some would argue it’s been since 22 September of ’21, depending on definitions), and was sleeping in my car at a couple rest areas north of town for about a month afterward. Long story short, I got into emergency shelter yesterday. If you want at least bigger pieces of that story, that’s elsewhere.

A big complicating piece of the problem is my car being ten years old and just having had the fuck driven out of it for a year, to the tune of about 25k added to its mileage in that time and no, I am not fucking kidding. I thought it just needed brake work and its fuel injection cleaned. When I got the brake work squared away, we uncovered a different problem. When I got a second opinion, that guy uncovered a second problem. Either one going kaput would make the car unsafe to impossible to drive. It’s technically unsafe to drive now.

I have funding cleared for the repair thanks to my former military service. If that is a non-sequitur to some of you folks, that’s the United States for you. I am not complaining, believe me. But my ability to earn has been absolutely fucked until the car is fixed.

Car’s repair happens this coming Tuesday.

Phone bill comes due Monday.

No phone, no delivery work. Which I could resume immediately upon completion of my repairs.

No delivery work, no paying for my website hosting for the month.

OH, RIGHT. There we go. Got there at last. Sorry.

Now. There’s a grace period. I don’t know how long, but I’ve been late before and it wasn’t the end of the world. It may also be that my card won’t be (attempted) charged on Monday. It may wait until Tuesday or Wednesday. I love my hosting service except for this one thing. They even try charging my card early. Highly irritating.

But we’ll sort it. They are very good about getting back online almost immediately once I square things up.

So if this goes dark, hang in there. I didn’t quit. Life just hiccuped.

You know. The usual around here.

I did get my phone bill probably sorted. It’ll depend on if the phone provider tacks on a couple extra bucks to my bill. They do that now and again. But, failing that, I can’t see it being dark around here past Tuesday night Eastern (US) standard time. Just FYI.

Okay. Carry on with thine shenanigans. Or whatever. Yarp.

I am (slowly) organizing my hard drive

and, well, found this

uh. yeah. sure. hold hands. is that what they're calling it these days

sure. “hold hands.” if that’s what we’re calling it these days

(I clearly got this from Twitter, but no idea when. I don’t bother with the editing names out because seriously, you’re gonna post that in public and then cry that someone screenshot it? Nah sis. Hopefully everyone takes it in the spirit in which it’s intended. I did, I’m just being an ass.)

Administrivia: 18 February 2023




Look what I found on YOUTUBE.

Apparently it’s free? I don’t know WTF the uploader did to get away with this but if you have never seen the entirety of The Crew, HERE YOU GO for as long as it’s up.

And for the record, you can still get this on DVD. So if you’ve never seen it but want to see it before you buy, go ahead, I guess.

Word of warning. Many of you have seen the infamous brothel scene. That’s not the only time Moby (Rory McCann’s character) gets naughty. In fact, Moby’s first full scene in this is… memorable. Do not watch this at work or with children or oversensitive people in the room. You have been warned.

I’m not kidding.


Holy cow.

There’s a reason most of Moby’s scenes never made it to YouTube. Heh heh heh.


I am reveling in Not Having To Do Anything this weekend. What a strange feeling, so soon forgotten. I will probably do some more uploading of header images today and, if feeling particularly ambitious, may edit a few other pages too. Long overdue. But “if” is a big word for being only two letters long, so we’ll see.

[edit] If I had just expanded the description on that YouTube upload, OP says it’s legally licensed. It’s been there since last year, so probably. Nevertheless, see it soon in case something weird happens.

[edit again] Aw, they fucking censored it. HAHAHAHAHA All you get to see of Moby’s first scene is him slapping a pillow over the family jewels. Pout.

Administrivia: 16 February 2023

I just glanced at the visitor tracker and someone is visiting here from a place called Coos Bay.

Given my immersion in many things Scotland since 2019, this struck me funny. Bit late for Coosday, though.


Speaking of Scotland. The good people of Inverness — those aware of the situation, anyway — are about to lose a popular indoor climbing wall. And that got me to thinking. Do you suppose Rory McCann ever uses climbing walls? Somehow I… can’t quite see it. I mean, maybe, if there was some reason he couldn’t get out to the mountains but was itching to get vertical. On the other paw, I could totally see him snorting and dismissing indoor wall-climbing as “nancing about.” On yet a third paw which I don’t actually have because I’m not a fucking mutant, he’s easygoing enough to not see any issue with it even if he’s not interested in it himself. And this is what comes of trying to guess who a person is based on incomplete evidence. One of those things I’ll just have to wonder about, I suppose.


I was watching this weird video today depicting a guy getting a beard weave. Yep, y’all, this is a thing. But as I was watching it, another question about Rory occurred to me. Remember when he was playing the Hound pretty regularly and you could tell when he was working because this entire patch on the right side of his face was shaven? And then he showed up at some awards event wearing a bit of fake beard over the bare patch? So as I’m watching this guy in a Facebook video getting fake hair glued to his face I thought, Okay, question: Where did Rory get that bit of fake beard? Did he buy it himself, or did the makeup department issue it to him?

I mean, it’s not like you can just go buy bits of beard in a shop. Usually. And that was a pretty good match to his actual beard hair, so.

Another mystery.

I would be that interviewer who asked him strange questions. He’d walk in all set with his canned answers he’s already given to like five other interviewers in the space of a week and I’d hit him with “where’d you get your fake beard, RORY” and he’d stop like…

wait... what?

…and things would probably go south from there.

That, or we’d wind up at the pub half an hour later, getting incredibly ridiculous. Who fucking knows.


I swear to fuck I am not going to make this whole thing about me, but things are going better. How long they will go better remains to be seen. Knocking on my own head commensurate with the amount of luck I’d need would probably send me into a permanent coma. I’m afraid I will just have to trust, for once.

Let’s put it this way: I’m writing and posting this at almost 9pm. On my laptop. And am not in my car.

Okay. Enough babble. Until next time.