Administrivia: 25 August 2022

[peeks in]

Oh, hey. If you have not seen a lot of Rory McCann’s back library, I have good news for you: two of his films are on Tubi at the moment. Solomon Kane and the remake of Clash of the Titans.

I will have to warn you that you don’t see Rory until well into SK, and Rory’s in probably less than the first hour of CotT.

The good news is that in one of these two films, his character does not die. πŸ™„


Still alive, clearly. Things have shifted a little bit again, possibly in a good direction but I have no way of knowing and I count on nothing. I have not sold off my Rory fandom collection, so you know it isn’t hopeless yet. πŸ™„

Gonna go chase my eyeballs down now before they get dusty. See you later.

Administrivia: 10 August 2022

I’m pretty sure the gig temp agency’s a dead end. It is frustrating but not surprising.

Yesterday was Orkin Day on our floor in the weekly-suite motel. What happens with this is we’re supposed to basically take all our shit and put it into some kind of plastic and pile it on the bed or store it in the fridge and then vacate the room for about five hours. I’ve had to do this before… twice? three times? since February? (It’s now been six months and eight days since I moved in, by the way!) But it’s been a few months since the last time. It’s weird because it’s fucking annoying and stressful to have to do this (if you don’t do it they won’t let you renew your room, so I’m always afraid I’ll leave something sticking out and get into trouble) and I have to buy trash bags to cover everything with (though I do reuse them later as actual trash bags, and it’s just me so it takes me a while to get through them all), BUT, I’m also really glad they do this because I haven’t seen a single bedbug or roach since moving in here KNOCK ON HEAD KNOCK ON HEAD KNOCK ON HEAD

I may have taken, like, twenty years off my lifespan being around whatever they fogged with, but whatever. No bugs. I’m good. πŸ™„

(I actually do care about ecological issues, but it’s like shouting into a hurricane. Just gets you wet, gives you a sore throat, and annoys the hurricane.)

ANYWAY. This time around it was interesting. Usually when I do room prep I end up overheated, grumpy, and in pain afterwards. This time I was only overheated, and that not as much as usual, which is really funny since last time I did this it was spring… AND, this time not in pain at all.

Still grumpy, but when am I not.

So I guess I was right and the pain was from being out of shape. I’m so glad. I’ve got weird issues going on around the edges and it’s hard to sort out what is inflammation and what is just the aftereffects of being a lazy arsehole. Or I dunno, the inflammation could also be from the lazy assholitude. No idea.

So, seems all the running around has gotten me into a bit of shape, even if it is still largely Pillsbury Doughwoman. A bit of good news in the midst of all the whatever the fuck this is. Moving on now.


Got a Google alert while I was out and about and only had time to look at the headline really, and made jokes on Facebook about how I needed a cold shower at the thought of this and Rory could charm the pants off a nun. But it seems Oor Rory once coached a fellow actor in a Scottish accent so Fellow Actor could perform in the Scottish play. Look, don’t take my word for it: here’s the story.

House Of The Dragon’s Paddy Considine Learned His Scottish Accent From A GoT Legend


Okay, quite aside from the thought of Rory’s lovely voice coaching one through the ins and outs of a Scottish accent? He sent these tapes out of the blue, unsolicited. This is not the first time I’ve heard of Rory being kind and helpful. I am reminded of the time he sent Vin Diesel a Sinclair tartan and the time he dressed up as Aladdin and played piano at Vin Diesel’s daughter’s birthday party. AND WHY DIDN’T YOU GET VIDEO, DUDE


Such a low bar, isn’t it?

Don’t care. Wanna cuddle him.

Okay. It’s after 3:30am now (up late, not up early… but I got up early, for me, so I’m pushing this way too ridiculously far) and I still gotta get the rest of my stuff off the fucking bed so I can sleep in it. YES, Rory, I do mean sleep. That is not a double entendre. JEEZ. πŸ™„