Which Game of Thrones characters are still alive? [Excerpt]

SOURCE: The Times
AUTHOR: Benji Wilson
DATE: 09 July 2017
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NOTE: Didn’t want to post a bunch of other character sections just to get to Rory. If this looks familiar it’s because he’s been quoted saying these words by some other publication, but I don’t know who had the words first, so here you go.


Rory McCann
Sandor Clegane, ‘the Hound’
Personally, I don’t watch the show – I live on a boat — and this season that has caused some problems. Before this year, my character’s been on a road trip with Arya Stark all the time, so I didn’t need to know who anyone else was. This season Sandor has joined up with the Brotherhood Without Banners, so I kept coming to film scenes going, “So who’s the big f****** ginger guy then?” “Oh, he’s Tormund.” “Well, is he a good guy or what? And who are you?” And some of the other actors are going, “Are you joking? I’ve been on this show for three years, man.”

The good thing was, it meant this year I finally got to know lots of the other cast. Honestly, I feel like that’s the first time I properly socialised or relaxed — normally I hide. I don’t drink, don’t smoke. It turns out half of us are reasonably good musicians, so we were all having great jams. I was on the piano most nights. We’ve got Richard Dormer, great ukulele player. Paul Kaye’s a wonderful guitarist and plays all sorts as well. Kit [Harington] was feeling left out, so he ended up buying a set of bongos, bless him. We called ourselves the Brotherhood Without Banjos.