Rory McCann On The Hound Stealing In ‘Game Of Thrones’

SOURCE: Access Online
AUTHOR: Jolie Lash
DATE: 26 April 2014
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While traveling through Westeros in “Game of Thrones,” Rory McCann’s The Hound has found himself in an increasing number of altercations. And the Scottish actor behind the sword-wielding character gave some of the credit for the terrifying nature of those massive, heart-stopping roars he does while fighting, to visits to Britain’s capital city.

“Most of the time, we do all these roars after six months in some studio in London,” Rory told about his impressive battle cry.

“It’s probably getting out my anger of being in London for the weekend. … I do ‘Roaaaarrrrr!’ Yeah, it’ll be — it’s the Highlander in me, must be,” he said.

It’s a pretty impressive sight to see The Hound/Sandor Clegane fighting on the show, but just as impressive in the latest season of the show (Season 4) has been watching the drama between his character and Maisie Williams’ Arya. Whether they are fighting together in an Inn, or she’s taking him to task for breaking his code, they are an engrossing pair to watch.

But while Arya was furious over The Hound’s most recent move – knocking over the man who took them in, and stealing the farmer’s silver, Rory explained how his character justified things.

“He saw them as dead. They’ve got visitors all the time; they’re gonna be killed. He’s on his own, generally. It’s a way of survival. Have to do it. He does it. It’s showing a kind of bad side, but in a way, it’s for the both of them,” Rory told Access. “I think he justified it to himself and still didn’t think of himself as a thief. It was like, ‘That is dead man’s money, so I’m taking it. Thanks for the soup.’

“I think he might have done a couple of chores just before he did that,” Rory added, jokingly. “Maybe he had a sweep around the barn and the barnyard.”

Off screen, other events from the episode — The Hound’s unique way of clearing his nose, and the way he gulped down “rabbit stew” — left the young woman who plays Arya unimpressed, according to Rory.

“Maisie came up to me after that because we did the snot, and all the eating and I was eating loads of food and I remember her just looking at me and going, ‘You’re not embarrassed? You’re not embarrassed with yourself?’ with a really serious face,” Rory laughed, recounting the comments and looks he got from Maisie. “I’m doing the – I call it the ‘shepherd’s blow,’ — and she’s going, ‘That’s disgusting. Disgusting.’ [There were] maybe 10, 15 takes, with the guy going, ‘More snot. More snot.’”

And there’s likely to be much more issues of personal hygiene and fighting as Arya and The Hound continue their Westeros road trip, hoping to get to The Vale.

“They’ve got a run-in nearly every time. Run-ins with each other as well. There’s a lot of arguing,” Rory said.