Note: Rory McCann and Casino Royale

Hang on, one additional bit for today.

I was going through recent posts and saw the bit about Rory auditioning for Casino Royale, so decided to google it real quick to see if anything came up. There’s a fan site for, I guess, James Bond stuff and they had an article about it.


Scuttlebutt is that this is just MI6-HQ’s opinion and possibly unsubstantiated, but who knows, really? That said, this was from back in ’05, so trying to track down what was actually going on is likely to be well-nigh impossible at this point. Well… except here’s someone sort of corroborating it, but for all I know it’s the same writer and a different blog. That can happen.

Just saw a message board discussing it and one person said, “that no name Scottish actor looks the part, definitely.” Hahaha, I wonder if they remember writing that now.

Jeez, though. I had no idea it was that close! Poor Rory. Daniel Craig was such a departure from the Bond mold, and I say this as someone who only casually knows anything about the franchise at all.