More info on Rory’s next appearance

So, I spend entirely too much time on Twitter. Not as the account for this site, said account long since having been nuked. Never mind what account it is, point is someone started following me who had “Clegane” in her name, which I found hilarious (I do mention Rory occasionally on my account, and that’s probably what she saw) and, on the off chance her following me was topical to what I use that account for, I went and looked her over. Saw a retweet from someone who was laughing about the role Rory will be playing in The Irregulars.

No wait, no seriously, this is fucking great. I went over to IMDB and…

The Bird Master

I SWEAR TO FUCK, if he says “Little Bird” even once I may just piss myself laughing. YOU HEAR ME, BIG MAN? [shakes fist ineffectually at monitor]

The EXTRA-good news is that, as you can see, he’ll be in the very FIRST episode. I’m sorry it won’t be more, but at least I won’t have to twiddle my thumbs through two or three episodes before he finally fucking shows up. So if the show’s not my thing, no big deal and if it IS good, well, I’ll know right away AND get to see him.

I just do not see enough of our dude. The end.