Fan sites

I Love Rory McCann. Well, yes, I suppose I do, or as much as I can considering he’s a complete stranger, but that’s actually the name of this Tumblr blog. This is the gold standard, the site that inspired me to do this in the first place because I saw she hadn’t been active in a long time and thought that was such a shame. I decided to carry on her work. And so I am posting her here to thank her for the idea. Ma’am, you fucking rock.

This list is a lot shorter than it used to be. Most “fan sites” for Rory are just Instagram accounts now with the occasional Tumblr blog thrown in, and none of the latter I’ve seen lately have been active within the past month. Doesn’t mean none are, just means none that I’ve seen are. If I see anything particularly compelling (has an angle I don’t usually see), I’ll add them here.

Rory 101

Rory McCann at IMDB. Full of ads and visual clutter, one reason I’m adding his filmography here.

Rory McCann’s profile page at Emptage Hallett Talent Agency. Yes, you can write to him here. Check their contact page.

Rory McCann’s profile page at Monster Voice. This is a TREAT. You actually get to hear the big man. (His voice ages like a fine whisky, doesn’t it? Mmmmm.)

Rory McCann’s Wikipedia article. Has been added to since I started this site, but still pretty vague. Another reason I wanted to set up this site in the first place.

People of interest

Jonathan Ford’s Game of Thrones portraits on Behance. I’m not sure this is actually Ford’s account (look at the top of the page) but there’s a representative sample from his famous photo shoot and two excellent portraits of Rory.

Helen Sloan on her own site and on Instagram. (Primary?) Still photographer for Game of Thrones. The website only has one photo of Rory in Sandor’s fight with Brienne but there are a few more at her Instagram.


[Last updated: 07 August 2021]