I am (slowly) organizing my hard drive

and, well, found this

uh. yeah. sure. hold hands. is that what they're calling it these days

sure. “hold hands.” if that’s what we’re calling it these days

(I clearly got this from Twitter, but no idea when. I don’t bother with the editing names out because seriously, you’re gonna post that in public and then cry that someone screenshot it? Nah sis. Hopefully everyone takes it in the spirit in which it’s intended. I did, I’m just being an ass.)

I need a meme page here

I’ve begun seeing Bernie memes in my Facebook feed again. Mostly people sharing memories, but sometimes a new thing.

I don’t know if you remember my particular contribution to the cause.

Sandor and Bernie at the inn

I will probably never be able to do a “photoshopping” that doesn’t look photoshopped. And this wasn’t Photoshop anyway. I’ve got an old version of Corel Paint Shop Pro. I prefer it, because (1) it’s software that lives on my laptop and (2) it handles both vector and raster, which Photoshop doesn’t. (You need Illustrator for vector. And by the way, GIMP has the same problem.)

But this was fun. A bit tedious, but fun.