Bonus extra: 03 October 2022


oh my LORD



Business Insider thinks Rory is playing a ukelele in THAT VIDEO [link] [archive]


No seriously, I went for MONTHS after Kris Hivju released that video on Instagram, thinking Rory was playing a ukelele. It messed with my HEAD because… I dunno… I am not the ultimate expert on string instruments but I didn’t think it sounded quite right for a uke?

And then it hit me one day. It’s not a uke. Big man just has big hands.


Also, I suspect it’s the guitar he got autographed by Wilko Johnson, who played Ser Ilyn Payne and who is a famous musician in real life. I link to an artcle where he mentions this here. I doubt he would have left it at home after that, even though Hivju recorded that video years after the fact.

And… love song? LOVE SONG? Okay, I’m not familiar with the song but the way Rory sings it, sounds like he’s bragging about being single. Oh yeah. Romantic. 🙄

Gotta love entertainment media…