Administrivia: 17 March 2021

Changing the front-page pic late. Sorry about that.

It is St. Patrick’s Day in the United States — and, I guess, in Ireland, where their celebrations of same are, I hear, a bit more subdued. I haven’t lived someplace where they have huge celebrations since 1997. Savannah, Georgia. Never got to take part in the partying anyway, damn me. There’s a bit of an Irish-American community where I live now also, but they’re a bit more up their own asses (relatively wealthy town) so I’ve never heard much about a 17 March party scene here. Just as well, I suppose.

I’m excited. Vaccine rollout for 40 and up where I live starts on Friday. I don’t know when I’ll actually be able to get in for my first (only, if Johnson & Johnson) shot, but I won’t have to wait til June as I had previously feared, either. Later this month they’ll expand it more to 16 and up, which means it’s my kid’s turn, and she’s excited too. I never thought we’d be actively happy about vaccines around here. Up til now they were just a necessary annoyance. I barely bothered with flu shots most years, even. Ironic that I finally got back into the habit RIGHT before the outbreak. Oh well.

Also excited that this time I got included in the COVID stimulus bill. That’s a first. There are things I need to catch up with but I’m sort of sitting on most of it too terrified to make any decisions, ha-ha. I have a few ideas. We’ll see.

But we’re not here to talk about me. This is more an “I’m not dead” post, though, as I sometimes do. The one new thing I can say about Rory is that apparently there really will be another Jumanji film and, as Jurgen the Brutal is a player character and they haven’t figured out who’s playing him yet, Rory will likely be back for this next installment. With two lives remaining in the game, natch. That should be entertaining. Do you think they’ll film in Georgia again? Oh, god, and this time we won’t have that caterer to open her big mouth and announce about running into him on set. DAMN it. I could have taken a road trip. I have all the fucking luck.

(Just as well. I have a face to frighten small children, and probably grown men too.)

Still have seen no breaking legit news about Rory’s “wife.” I still say it’s beyond weird for a guy who didn’t mind mentioning his last known girlfriend and didn’t mind mentioning being single and looking to suddenly mind mentioning a change in marital status. Admittedly, no one’s been trying very hard to interview him in-depth since the end of Thrones as far as I can tell. If he is married, that’s likely why we’ve heard nothing. He’s not the sort to schedule a press conference to announce something like that, and as far as I know he doesn’t have any sort of publicity agent to put that news out like some of the Hollywood names seem to have. But if he’s in something notable enough, I’m sure some outlet will go after him and play catch-up. Given that “long-term bachelor” has been part of his public identity for so long and all, it’ll probably come out then.

Yes, the social-media stuff is gone. It’s actually kind of a relief. I can’t say my life is stress-free — whose life is? — but on average it feels like my blood pressure’s in a much saner range. You folks are always welcome to come by and see what’s new, of course. I won’t have it out before someone like Hound’s Lair most of the time, but that’s okay. I’m chronicling, not running a news agency. I collect, I don’t scoop. If I should HAPPEN to scoop, that’s a nice bonus, but I don’t need it as long as I figure out what’s going on eventually.

In the past two years alongside chronicling Rory, I have also been following a lot of social-media stuff about Scotland. He indirectly got me onto that, and it’s been fun. Just the photography alone is breathtaking, if obviously doctored most of the time. I’ve also learned a bit about the Scots language which is a sister language to English, not the same as Scots Gaelic. I may link to some of that on the links page eventually, because why not. I’d also like to actually go to that country one of these years. Apparently with Americans (and people of a few other nationalities) they give you a limit of six months to stay if you go visit, and if you leave again then the clock resets, although if you take too much advantage of that they start thinking you’re trying to actually live there and will send your ass home. And you’re not allowed to work there, not even distance work, not even your own business that has nothing to do with anything in Scotland. The UK needs to update its laws on that subject. Portugal lets you stay for a year if you are self-employed or a distance worker. I wish the UK did. But we don’t live in that world so I’d have to save up money to stay there however long I might manage. Bummer. But you never know. I might make it happen. I’m kind of tired of here, and I’ve got nothing better to do. Also, according to’s current DNA information (which is regularly updated, and will likely change for me again as they acquire new research information), while I’m estimated as having 66% French ancestry, my next-largest ancestral group is Scottish (13%). I laughed when I read that. Now I want to know where specifically it’s from. By way of Nova Scotia is my best guess, as my Acadian ancestors lived there for a time and would have had Scottish neighbors, probably. No idea if I can claim any clan at all. If I can do some serious work on my family tree over the next two to three years, maybe by that point I’d have to go to Scotland to look up other info and then I’d have something to do there in addition to drinking and hillwalking*.

That’s not going to be possible for at least a few more years though. Got to get this kid grown and hopefully in college, got to take care of other stuff.

I wonder why St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal here but St. Andrew’s Day isn’t. The Scots have been just as indispensable to U.S. history as the Irish have.

Anyway. I’ve slacked off on working on this site but hopefully will get more done soon. So look out for that.

*And you’re saying, “And looking for Rory,” but no. Unless something really weird happens between now and then to justify looking for him, I would prefer to just go, do my own thing, and see what happens. If he hasn’t gotten married by then and if he still has his boat and still docks in the same place (“if” is a big word for being only two letters long), it’d be little trouble to find him (or at least the boat), but if he got wind of me showing up there, he’d think I was stalking him and, no matter what my intentions were, he’d be justified in thinking so. No bueno. But if I just run into him somewhere at random, on accident (for real), that’s all right. And if he IS married, and especially if he HAS sold his boat, I wouldn’t begin to know where to look in that case, so I’m better off just hoping to run into him somewhere anyway. So… ha ha, but no. But I would not be above going around to some of his old haunts and getting pics to share. That would be an interesting sort of scavenger hunt, don’t you think?

Administrivia: 26 February 2021

First up, this actually has nothing to do with the site but it has a lot to do with Rory. It seems that under Brexit, there are new restrictions on UK-citizen creatives working in the EU and vice versa. A lot of the UK-based or UK-ish productions Rory does are filmed at least in part outside the UK; Game of Thrones (American-run but primarily out of Northern Ireland) and Beowulf and Grendel are two excellent examples. GOT made him more visible and he probably got a lot more work offers as a result up until this past 31 December but under these new rules, it’s likely that EU studios and Hollywood will have to ask other actors about parts they would have offered to him from here on out. Not cool. Not fucking cool at all.

I don’t think signatures from outside the UK will count for much but if you are in the UK, please consider signing this petition. If Parliament takes it seriously at all, you’ll be giving our dude a big, big help. Even if it’s close to or at the 20k signatures threshold, please sign it anyway. That will make more of an impression. Thanks so much!

(It is not my petition, by the way. I saw it shared on Twitter and couldn’t pass that up. I hadn’t even been aware those rules had changed. What a clusterfuck.)

Secondly, and I’ve mentioned this before, both the Facebook page and the Instagram have been nuked. You may still be able to find one or the other in search results because the deletion process is still underway; I got 14 days lead time in case I change my mind. But I’m seeing new likes on the FB page even since I started the delete process. So I’m mentioning this again just on the off-chance that more eyeballs will see it. Actually… I don’t seriously expect that saying this will stop the new likes, but who’s to say it won’t, either. What the hell.

I’m not exactly taking questions on the subject but it occurs to me some might wonder what will happen to the lovely screenshots I put up at Facebook. Don’t worry. I never deleted them. Still got them in my Rory folder. Yes. I have a Rory folder. What? I bet you have a Rory folder too. Unless you only have a phone or something. ANYWAY, there’s an entire subfolder dedicated to raw screenshots and that’s where I keep everything. I even have stuff in there I never put up on the FB page — not a lot but, for instance, most of Moby’s first stand-alone scene in The Crew because I didn’t think a guy wanking, even under clothes, was necessarily appropriate for a Facebook page.

We won’t get into why I screenshot it anyway.


(Especially if you’re one of the reasons Rory went from being proud of that movie to not wanting to talk about it. What the fuck DID you ask him at conventions??? Jeez.)

Thirdly, still working on the Articles section. That’s nothing newsworthy, just thought I’d mention.

I’m still intending to add a backstretch image to the site. The way this seems to work is it mostly shows up on the main/front page and when you scroll, the content covers it up. It’s going to be a collage, so I need to take some time and piece that together. Gotta be in the proper headspace to do that, for maximum patience. Also prefer to work on such things when there is a low likelihood of people looking over my shoulder even in passing. I already talk too much about Rory around here. It’s almost becoming a running joke. So that’ll happen when it happens. Don’t expect it to look good on a phone, by the way. I’ve decided people will just have to cope. I’m not a computer goddess.

(If I were, I’d be from Willendorf.)

(Seriously. Bleh.)

Am thinking I may add fan-art and fan-photo sections after all. It’s just a think at this stage and I need to get other things wrapped up first. I thought it’d be nice to not only chronicle Rory’s career but also give him (potentially, if he ever stops by) a place to see himself with all his fans where you don’t have to click his hashtag at Instagram and then wade through a bunch of Natalie Dormer pics. SO, SO tired of the hashtag spam. I’m still there under a few account handles but they’re projects that don’t need to rely on other people’s posts, so I have no reason to look at Search most of the time. It’s nice. I don’t miss it a bit. Anyway, I’ll let you know if I put those up.

Also, I want to get around to watching some of my new (to me) Rory stuff soon, but I’m in the middle of Breaking Bad right now — I tell you what, that is a fucking genius show, fantastic storytelling, great acting, and if you’ve never seen it you should — literally in the middle, in season 3, and when I get that done I’ll watch a Rory thing. Production. Show or movie. THAT sort of thing. (Jeez.) No big hurry. I’d rather get what’s already here lined up the way I want it before I worry too much about adding new (to the site) things, anyway. Still thinking about that potential screenshots section. We’ll see.

I may be getting my sense of humor back. Fucking hope so. Being stressed all the time was not fun.

Okay. Outies. Catch ya later.

Administrivia: 22 February 2021

First up, as a reaction to my issue with Google Alerts in the previous post, I went into my settings to check and see if there was anything I could fix. Apparently I had set it on something like “only the most relevant results.” Problem was that meant I was leaving it up to Google to tell me what was relevant. And it wasn’t even doing a good job of that because it kept sending me things about that politician in Wisconsin or blog posts or news articles that only mentioned the Rory McCann we want to hear about in passing. So I thought, “ah, fuck it, send me everything,” and changed the setting.

Presto. Now it’s sent me that bit about Rory’s new acting role.

Google Alert 23 Feb 2021


Fucking Google.

Okay. Secondly, as I also said in the previous post, I’ve started the delete process on the Facebook page. That’s going to take two weeks to finish. It’s giving me a chance to change my mind. I cannot see myself doing that, so that’s that, I guess.

I seem to still be getting messages from Instagram via the Facebook page, though; apparently, setting the page to “delete” doesn’t stop all the functions or notifications. Yay. But people seem to know they can come here to see what’s what, so that’s fine.

Instagram, you’re next. It’s been mostly my avoidant behavior keeping me away from there so far. Probably won’t be a thing much longer. Tumblr and YouTube have already been nuked, so that’ll be it and done when I get around to IG.

If you still get email, and you want to keep up with updates here, it would be worth your while to learn how RSS feeds work. If you look in the right column (or the content directly beneath this post, if you’re on your phone) at the “Stuff ‘n’ Thangs” section, which is what I renamed “Meta” because “Meta” is boring (and yes, I am a The Walking Dead fan — how’d you guess) and I may yet rename it again if I think of something better… ANYWAY, you can see a link there called Entries Feed. If you have a Feedburner account or some other RSS-reader account that’ll send your email alerts for new blog posts, that makes it easy. Of course, you also have to still be using email. Is there anyone out there who isn’t? I would think most people still have a Gmail account at least. So there you go.

Thirdly, going back over the articles in the Articles section is in progress. And can I say that I am even more weirded out by the possible recent developments over Rory’s boat? Because the way he’s talked about Wooden Boat over the past few years, you just get the ownership vibe from him, like that’s his baby and he’s so totally proud of it. The recent topics of speculation about him, this, and the relationship thing, just feel like the sun has risen on Opposite Day in the Upside-Down. Like, just totally wrong. But at the same time I realize that I don’t know him and that I am bound to be missing something. No matter how sad the facts might make me feel when they fully come to light (and they undoubtedly will come to light at some point), I’ll be relieved too because I won’t have to wonder anymore.

Be that as it may. Anyhow, it’s not necessarily easy to see my progress at this point. I had edited a few articles when I first put them up because they had glaring errors in them and I’ve had months to think about it since, and I decided I didn’t want to do it like that because I’m not the one who fucked up spellings or didn’t do the editing job properly and I’m better off just reporting the thing as I see it. So I’m basically repasting things in as they were originally presented, editing some notes or removing them entirely, and so on. There’s one piece I want to link to a note about it and I think you’ll find that interesting, so I’ll link to it in a post here when I’ve got it done.

Oh and finally, I had turned off the “do not spider” setting in the WordPress for this blog months ago. It may never wind up on the front page of Google when you search Rory’s name by itself, but it’s turning up there for certain combinations of words along with Rory’s name. So that’s cool. Be interesting to see how that all develops over time.

New from Rory: The Irregulars

Thanks to a follower on the Facebook page*, I was alerted to the following:

The Irregulars release date: Latest news on the Sherlock Holmes Netflix drama

Apparently this is a group of kids Holmes relied upon to tell him what was going on around town, probably the basis for Sherlock’s “homeless network” in the BBC series. This new show follows them after they’ve gotten older.

The interesting bit is here:

Alongside the key cast, Royce Pierreson (Line of Duty, The Witcher) plays the menacing Dr Watson alongside the elusive Sherlock Holmes, brought to life by The Inbetweeners and Killing Eve’s Henry Lloyd-Hughes. Clarke Peters plays the mysterious Linen Man, while guest cast include Game of Thrones’ Rory McCann and Two Doors Down’s Kieran Hodgson.

Apparently it will all be available to stream on 26 March.

I’m thinking about asking House Male for his login password so I can mooch off his account to screencap these. But if I don’t, I’ll get around to the DVD one of these days.

Also I’ll get around to mirroring this article soon.

And finally, Google Alerts did not inform me of this new development. To say that I am profoundly irritated is the understatement of the year.

*Thanks to the lady who let me know about this. However, I have now put the Facebook page into its delete process which will take 14 days to complete. I don’t know if it’s available to visitors during that time; I doubt it. The 14 days is in case I drunk-deleted it and want to change my mind later. Sotally tober, folks. So sorry. More information here.

Administrivia: 19 February 2021

There have been changes in the following:

Articles. Minor stuff in the introductory blurb.

Bio. Minor change further down the page due to adding a new page (see next section, “new things”).

Blog. Yep, rebooting again. I keep aiming for a certain something that I haven’t quite been attaining. I’m not even sure which incarnation we’re on now… third? fourth? It’s all good. Some links will be broken elsewhere until I go through and get everything sorted, but the site is still quite usable.

Filmography. Where the fuck did it go??? Oh, I changed the name. Blame TheMuse. After reading this article, I realized calling the page a CV fits a lot better for what I want to put on it.

Finding Rory. Simplifying and linking to supplemental information.

Intellectual property. Just some minor changes.

Rory McCann’s love life. I thought the previous version of this was way too wordy for the message I was trying to get across and I also wanted to tighten up the items of “evidence” for Rory’s past relationships, as I repeated some information unnecessarily and it was kind of muddled up. I think it is a good deal more readable now, but basically says the same thing. I have added some snark, so be aware of that if you’re allergic.

Social media. This page is VERY different now, and you’ll want to read it if you’re a frequent visitor. If you aren’t, obviously don’t worry about it.

–and I changed a simple thing, the hover/click color on the menu items, to yellow from blue. I mean. Yellow and black(ish). Duh.


New thing:

Rory’s boats. You probably don’t know what you thought you knew about these.


Up and coming:

Making text-file templates for the typical pages I add in each section. It will save me having to go into existing pages to copy and paste their code and then edit it.

Going through all the articles and making sure everything’s the way I want it. I see some URLs (web page addresses) I need to shorten (yes this will mess up your links; hope you haven’t made any from here) and I may revise some notes as well.

Adding more Getty embeds. I’ve been chattering about that for over a year and it’s time I actually did it. I had a lot of trouble with the oldest embeds going bad, but things have remained stable since I finally fixed that, so let’s go ahead already.

Figuring out what to do with the Screenshots section. Do I want it or do I want to add the screenshots to the Filmography section? Decisions, decisions.


We need more images on this site! I finally might have figured out what to put in the “backstretch” section, and adding some kind of header pic in each section is a good idea too.


Fascinatingly, because there’s no visible link that would allow it and comments do not auto-publish here (I must approve every one), someone’s been leaving spam comments. I overshare anyway, hence am mentioning it. I mark them as spam and delete them and move on. If I can ever figure out where the loophole is, it will go away.


Lest I come off as bragging (Glob forbid). I sometimes have sleepless nights, and last night’s was.