Administrivia: 31 August 2021

This update’s purely for fun.

Remember me posting this on Facebook? We all got a good giggle out of it.

The intro and the first couple verses especially.

Wait, hold on, what? Did they mention a butt?

You mean this one?

Bruce who?

I still can’t get over that. He has a better ass than The Boss.

Sorry, Rory.

No, I’m not. At least one of us has a nice ass.

I’m working on my homepage currently, as in “my home on the world wide web,” because it has been sorely neglected for years. But I keep hopping back and forth from this to that to the other thing. And I looked in on one file folder and I found these two images right next to one another in the list.

This one first:

" die here."

Then this one, right after:

"...You live here???"

It’s a shot from Solomon Kane. McNess is saying to Kane, “…You LIVE here???”

(Rory was wasted in that movie. I don’t think the writers quite knew what they wanted to do with McNess. Fucking shame. I would LOVE to see Rory in more comedic roles. Love a man who makes me laugh.)

Just a funny little juxtaposition in my cluttered-up files.

Oh, and you know that image of him sitting on the beach reading his book in between takes of xXx: The Return of Xander Cage? Yeah… I found that book on Amazon. Debating whether to get it. It’s part of a two-book series, and the first book can be had in softcover for like five cents, and the second is not insanely-priced either. They are about a family living on a sailboat. I know of three book franchises Rory has read and liked that I also like, so at this point I’m basically unafraid to try something else he’s been caught reading. I wouldn’t necessarily like everything he does, but being curious about what he does like is, shall we say, a more focused approach to finding new things to read than just closing my eyes, spinning in a circle three times, and throwing a dart at the shelves in the middle of the public library.

Also less likely to get me arrested.

This really is not a good time for it.

I still have another thing I want to grab but I have not emailed the source yet to see if it’s all together or if there are pieces missing. If there are pieces missing then there’s no point getting the thing because guaranteed the piece with Rory in it will be part of what’s missing. Story of my fucking life.

Okay. This has become about distracting myself from what I was actually doing. Back to it. Hey! Ho! Let’s go!