Administrivia: 30 October 2022

Another Boring Admin Update. Or maybe not so boring.

So, I started the job on Thursday. True to form, given the rest of my year, something went wrong. First up, on the way in to work, I got hit with a brief wave of nausea on the interstate highway. It was WEIRD. Like, other than the nausea, I felt absolutely fine. Then I got to work and was okay for a bit, and they set me to putting those plastic seals on the peanut-butter jars like you often see on food containers with lids. This nifty machine shrinks them on. Anyway, I started feeling like utter crap. It got to the point I was afraid I was going to faint and keel over, so I finally asked my boss if I could go sit down. He took one look at me and readily agreed. Several people stopped by to look at me and they all looked concerned. Co-boss (Mrs. Boss, or else he’s Mr. Boss — they’re married, I think) finally asks me do I want her to call paramedics. At this point, at least ten or fifteen minutes into it I still couldn’t quite speak properly, as it seemed like too much effort. Paramedics show up, work me over, nothing’s wrong with my heart rate or oxygen saturation or blood sugar. They did find my blood pressure was one hundred something (as in 1-0-something… 106? I forget) over sixty-something, and it’s usually the high end of normal, so that was a big drop. Um, okay. They took my info, so I’m pretty sure I’m getting a big fat bill at some point, and then left because I was starting to feel better and didn’t see the point of racking up another big fat bill just to go to the ER and be ignored for hours. Not too long after that I was well enough to drive home, and Mrs. Boss suggested I go and rest, so that’s what I did.

(I thought about several angles on what might have happened. Nerves? This doesn’t usually happen with nerves for me. COVID? Nah. I’ve been delivering since COVID, including going up and down three or four flights of stairs to deliver things and I’ve never had a near-fallout like this unless I was anemic and overheated at the same time, which I wasn’t this time, and it’s never been this severe. Closest I’ve gotten is overheated plus pregnancy, which is impossible in my current situation*. It’s a mystery. Dunno if I will ever figure it out. I’m not even, unlike the paramedics, convinced it was dehydration. They weren’t even seeing real signs of that, they were basically guessing. My main reason for wanting them there was in case I was having a heart attack, because women’s symptoms are different, but now I’m thinking not, given my entirely normal heart rhythm on the EKG. So maybe this story is more about something going right. Fine by me.)

I went back to work Friday with some trepidation because I was afraid it would happen again. Nope. Eight-hour day free and clear. This time it was sealing product bags. Sounds tedious, but we had classic rock on the PA system and Mr. Boss was working with me so I had someone to chat with, so it was actually fairly pleasant. Sometimes I just like DOING things, not just sitting around talking about them, y’know? Nice day. Better enjoy them while they’re still relatively peaceful; we’re about to ramp up with the holiday season.

At the end of the day, because it was the last day of my workweek, he filled in my timecard and gave me an hour for Thursday, which was really nice of him because I’m not sure I even managed a half hour actually working. But I was still disgusted with myself because had I worked the whole day both days, that would have been most of my room sorted for not this coming Wednesday but the next one after. Now I’m going to have to work more extra hours just to make sure I keep a bed until my first full paycheck. At least those are weekly. I don’t think I could handle literal double shifts for a whole fucking month.

Okay, yes I could. But it would suck and I would probably complain about it here, which none of us want, but I don’t have anyone to talk to in my day-to-day really, not about the big important shit. So.

The best part, if this continues going well, is that once I’m getting full paychecks I WILL HAVE EVENINGS AND WEEKENDS FREE. Because unless something weird happens I can’t see the point of driving when I’m already earning what I did driving and I won’t be spending nearly as much on gas. So hey! I should be able to take some time here and there and start really working on things at this website. It’s hard for me to do a thing if I can only do it sporadically. I am a creature of habit and especially of not changing said habit. Makes my life fun, let me tell you. Probably my biggest personal fight.

This is all good timing, too, because I’m starting to have trouble keeping my phone charged in my car. The phone is a piece of shit (never get a Samsung Galaxy A class with a small number; mine’s an A02 or A03 and utterly fucking pointless), but one of its redeeming features is its battery life, BUT, the Uber app is a battery hog. I can still get the phone to last about six solid hours when I’m delivering, between its own battery life and the car’s help, but I’ve had two 12v plugs fail and they’re clearly not working because they’re supposed to light up and they don’t. I need to search my shit when I get off here and see if I can find my portable charger, though I think that’s starting to fail too. So now I know what to get myself with my first full fucking paycheck. That and a 12v plug that also serves as a volt meter, in case the car’s the ultimate problem. 😐 Meanwhile it’ll be a lot of swearing. Fucking pish, as some would say. But wee pish**, in the grand scheme of things. Could be worse. [knocks on head]

*No, seriously. Unless there is a serial rapist coming around with a universal key card attacking women in our sleep in all the weekly-rate motels around town, I’m free and clear on that count. Or the world’s about to end which, given my track record, I wouldn’t take bets.

**And that’s a hilarious pun, if you’re me or else a twelve-year-old boy.