Administrivia: 3 January 2022

So, I had read in one of Graham Forbes’s books about his time in bands, including Rory’s old band Thundersoup, that a major driving motivation for Rory McCann getting into acting was Rory wanted to be James Bond.

I thought about that — again — when I got led to this by a Google Alert today.

blurb about Rory McCann's screen test for James Bond in 2005

Given what I’ve heard recently about what happens to James Bond (spoilers!), I suppose that’s completely out of reach now. Damn it.

Aw, big man, we know you coulda done it.

McCann.  Rory McCann.

I must say I hate how I only learn little details like this in random blurbs. I suppose it appeals to his strong need for privacy, though.

Or at least to have control over his own story and how it’s told, maybe? Because Lawd knows he will talk people’s ears off about stuff that’s happened to him. I’ve read that independently from three different people now. I have no doubt there are more.


I had mentioned a while back that I saw xXx: Return of Xander Cage on TV. Well, I did watch it, just to see Rory’s bits. (NO, not THOSE bits.) Twice. And I noticed something absolutely maddening. Fuckers cut out some of Rory’s speaking bits. WHAT? Including Tennyson’s little back-and-forth with Nicks on whether his driving the motorboat up onto the beach counted as a crash.



This is all I have to say to people who BUTCHER movies just to make them “fit in the allotted time”:

all a' yas!

And that’s the nice version.

Happy New Year, y’all.