Administrivia: 29 April 2021

Guess what happened to ME last night.

No. Didn’t meet the big man. Had another insomnia episode.

[weeps quietly]

Fuck middle age.

No but seriously, the other reason I’m writing this in the early evening instead of at 4am is that I ran across something on Facebook that gave me a moment of, “See? This is why I need to be best friends with VETERAN MOUNTAIN-CLIMBER RORY McCANN so I can show him this shit and he can LAUGH AND LAUGH.” Because I would be that girlfriend crying halfway up, but only because I am so far out of shape they had to invent a whole new GEOMETRY for me, but that’s a solvable problem. Working on it. The expecting a fucking rest stop at the top of a mountain thing, maybe not so fixable. Where the fuck is this person from, Kensington? Is he posh? He’s fucking posh, right? Got to be.

“tHeRe iS a PuB oN mOuNt sNoWdOn” And if you dig around at the foot, you’ll find alien tech! Fuck’s sake. I wish they had as many emojis in WordPress as they do on my phone. I would be using ALL THE RUDE ONES right now.

Wait, but I haven’t shown it to you yet. HERE.

Very Steep and Too High

(For those going “What the fuck is this?”, Ben Nevis is a mountain in Scotland. And why do I get the feeling Rory’s been up it.)

“nO rEsTrOoM aT tHe tOp.” I am thinking back to my basic training days in the Army and hang on a sec, my eyeballs just rolled across the room.

Okay, got ’em.

For some reason, some Denver, Colorado-related page had shared this. Possibly relevant to the whole “Mile-High” thing and the Rocky Mountains and such. I can’t wait ’til it gets around to the Scotland-related pages. Much taking of the pish shall commence.

Anyway. Still gradually working my way through The Irregulars, still haven’t seen Rory again, have had a bombshell dropped about the sisters but it didn’t wholly surprise me. With my having not run into Rory again yet, there really isn’t much else to discuss without spoiling it all over the place.

So here is a Rory to make up for the lack of Rory.

Rory McCann at Jumanji: The Next Level's UK premiere, December 2019

Still fucking love that top on him, still think it makes him extra-cuddle-able. SIGH.

I may get some work here done tonight to keep myself awake. No promises. If I do, hopefully I don’t get stupid and fuck something up. We’ll see.