Administrivia: 28 September 2021

Have not set up internet at the house yet, though am zeroing in on a strong possibility of a solution. Am a mite irritated as I’d thought we could get DSL out here (I need to look a little harder at that, but it did not pop up easily in search results when I was searching up possibilities in a general sense, not a good sign) and it’s looking like I may be stuck with one of the new wifi-based providers instead, but we’ll see how that all falls out.

Phone data access is intermittent and I usually have to be on the back porch for it, and even then it’s hit and miss and my other option is going into town, which most days I don’t do.

It’s nice to be home, though, and to have some breathing room, and to be getting some decent sleep for once.

Meanwhile! All my drama with the internet thing meant I knew about this a few days ago but hadn’t gotten around to posting about it yet: Rory has a new B&O ad out.

I had been hoping he’d get more voice work, but I can’t help cracking a smile at this latest trend in his career. Rory McCann is basically, like, the least domesticated man I know of and this makes him look like he’s gone all homebody. It’s not totally out of character. He’s a woodworker, he builds and renovates things sometimes. But it still hits me a little funny.

Speaking of funny. I have one room in Dad’s little place. Previously in Ohio I had had Rory’s autographed pic set up on its own shelf across my bedroom. Here, before I set up a shelf, it had taken up residence on my bedside table. It is a straight line of sight from the kitchen all the way down the hall into my bedroom and there’s my bedside table, and sometimes I left the lamp on. So Dad wanted to know who the man was and why there was a note addressed to me. He’s not into fantasy TV and there are scenes in GOT I wouldn’t watch with him in the room in any case… but I’m thinking about trying Slow West on him, as he likes Westerns. That should be interesting.

Okay. Sorry I can’t be more fascinating right now. We’ll see if I can do some more stuff with the site soon. I can think of something that shouldn’t be too onerous and can mostly be prepped offline. Good times.