Administrivia: 28 February 2022

Heads up: this site’s going to disappear for real for a little bit, unless I can make miracles happen today.

I don’t think I have quite let it sink through my thick skull, the situation I am currently in. I am adjusting or else I couldn’t function most of the time, but I still have these moments where I don’t take my budget seriously enough. It’s like my brain is still in the mode of “oh well, there will be more.” No there won’t, not unless I put it there. Do yourselves a favor, ladies. Don’t ever depend on a guy. The longer you do it the more it’ll ruin you. Anyway it’s not fair for him either, not that I care about being fair to Ex-House Male, but in general. There are lots of ways to earn even if you want to be home with kids. It’s OK if you do — I was, twice — just don’t become a kid yourself. Find one or more ways to earn, and have your own money. And guard it like your life depends on it, because it does. Even good men gain disabilities or die.

Long story short I thought I had paid for the next month of hosting already, turns out I hadn’t and then I ran out of money. I want to know what I was smoking when I wasn’t looking, too, because the charge wasn’t even for the same website — I have another hosting service that’s still holding a few domain names (haven’t moved them yet, keep meaning to) and that’s what the charge went to. Ugh. I’m not sorry I paid that bill, I just wish I’d also paid attention and not let my brain go “okay, that’s the hosting paid for the month”.

Anyway. Unless things go horribly wrong tomorrow I should have the site back up then. Or at least paid for, and they’ll take it back live whenever they get around to it. It’s weird, I got a lot of things done over the weekend and was so proud of myself until I realized I’d left a couple really important things off. I swear I’d leave my own skull on my pillow every day if it weren’t attached to the rest of me.

Also, I have exported the WordPress file to my laptop. Even if something goes horriblyhorriblyHORRIBLY wrong and I never get the service back up before they delete all my shit, I still have the domain name until late April — just before the big man’s birthday, in fact — and I could do something insane like go back to my old hosting service which is much less per month. I don’t really want to after the way they let all sorts of hackers break into the service and mess things up, but if I were desperate, I could. We’ll see. I at least won’t have to start the site all over again from nothing. At worst, I’ll have to re-upload photos. Big whoop.