Administrivia: 28 August 2023

So! I just came up with a new post format for this site. Big Man sightings! Because there’s been one!

Someone in the comments at Facebook said they saw him at the Harbour Bar in Troon — I’m guessing recently, based on the context — but didn’t know who he was til it was too late. And actually, that sounds familiar and I want to say he’s been spotted there before.

Fair bet he loves Italian food. This makes at least two such restaurants he’s been seen at since I started half-assedly tracking him. Solidarity, big man. Though I daresay the Italian you can get is likely a hell of a lot better than what I can get.

No mention of a wife this time. If she’s there, she’s still staying out of the pics. Rory hasn’t posted about this on his Instagram either. Though, well, he’s never struck me as the type to photograph his food. But not even a sort of mention. Probably feels too much to him like being stalked.

Well, so, we can guess a couple things based on the new data and the photo.

First off, either he’s in Glasgow or he was just in Glasgow.

Secondly, he’s been in Troon recently. The Harbour Bar, in fact, is extremely close to where he was docking his boat. Not sure about walking distance but you could definitely ride a bicycle over there. I wouldn’t even say this, but any enterprising nosyparker could find that out in like point-two seconds just from a Google search. (So anyone about to send me scold mail… save your fingers.) Rory knows people in Troon — would have to, he docked there a long time whether he currently is or not — and that alone could explain the visit, but this also points to the possibility he’s still got his boat, whether or not he is living on it at this point.

Thirdly, unless DCI Daley grows a big bushy beard in the books OR the writers on the TV series project have decided they don’t care one way or the other, Rory’s not working on the Daley thing right now. However! Denzil Meyrick posted a thing on his Facebook page back in February stating that he couldn’t tell anyone what was going on with production, as he’s contractually obligated to keep his yap shut (my words, not his, though he’s welcome to borrow them if he likes them), but he could say that things were going very well. Shooting, as some of us are aware, is only part of making a TV show or a film. Post-production takes a while too. At this point I’m not even sure I’ve heard whether anyone has picked up the show, which will add some more lead time if they haven’t yet.


Not that it matters. I will be dead fucking shocked if I get to watch it “on time.” Do you suppose Acorn TV might distribute it in real time? Probably not, but it’s nice to think about.

Anyway. Expect more use of the “big man sightings” category. I’ll try to add in old stuff too.


Well. Uh. Not criminally stalking you. Not with bad intent. That’s, uh, probably the best I can do. Sorry.