Administrivia: 27 March 2023

One of the reasons I like Rory McCann as a person is I’m generally fond of smart people, as long as they’re not obnoxious about it. I think I heard that Rory dropped out of Scotland’s equivalent to high school (maybe they also call it high school?) and I don’t know if he finished forestry school, but his reading habit and his self-teaching several musical instruments and his picking up an interest in Glob knows how many other things are evidence enough of his intellect. The big difference with him as opposed to far too many nerdboys is he puts it to use, he doesn’t just read or talk about it.

And here’s one more piece of evidence that he is a smart guy. He had never wanted to take on a wife and kids while he was running around all over the world and living in odd places (by mainstream standards). Sounds like that was a good call.

Honestly, I couldn’t see him being so self-centered that he’d have wound up being a dad like that even if he’d gone ahead with dragging a family around. I think there is nearly always a touch of narcissistic tendency in creative people, but I think often it is benign, and certainly seems to have been in his case. But at least he never made going down that path into a viable option. Some people take on too much and turn their lives into a shambles and take everyone close to them along for the unpleasant ride. I escaped a situation like that a year and a half ago, in fact.


And on a tangent, this sort of reminds me that there are a couple books I want to read, one a sequel to the other. He was photographed with the first one on the set of xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, and it seems to be about a sailing family. Which actually makes me wonder if I’m completely off the mark and he was actually married by then and Contemplating Possibilities, but never mind. I’ve already found that I’ve enjoyed reading a few of the books he’s read, so I’m curious whether I’d enjoy these too.

Not yet. Life is still too unsettled — don’t get me started. Can’t say when or if it will change for the better. (I’m trying.) I can’t enjoy a book when I’m worried, and there’s no comfortable place to read it anyway. I miss my reading-and-yarncrafting chair. Oh well.


I’m leaning more in the direction of that change to site format I had been dancing around talking about recently. It might actually be really cool. Bonus for those of you who are sick of me talking about myself here: I’ll likely take myself entirely out of it. I’d have to, given how I want to organize information. That is completely okay. There will still be a few static pages here and one will lead to me in some way, for the curious.

But if I make this big change I’ll likely set up a sandbox to put it all together in, then upload it here all at once. That way I am not leaving this site all fucked up “under construction” and impossible to navigate.

And yet again, it might be a while. If I do it. Can’t say exactly when. I don’t like making promises as a general rule anyway, and I like it even less now.