Administrivia: 27 July 2022

I’ve mentioned several times in the past that I use a visitor tracker.

For those of you previously unaware who are now panicking: Yes, it records your IP address. No, that does not tell me where you live, other than city, state/shire/province, and country. It’s not like a street address. It just says where on the internet you are, and the internet is mapped out geographically, sort of. A few of you know that and are still paranoid and I notice you are using anonymous proxies to come here and that’s fine. I employ the thing out of curiosity, not because I want to stalk anyone, so if you want to opt out you are certainly welcome to do so. Though I have to say I do get a kick out of seeing Scottish visitors, and particularly from Ayrshire and Glasgow.

(If you don’t know why by now, you need to look around this site some more.)

ANYWAY. I had a reason for bringing this up. When I look at the visitor tracker my favorite bits are how many people have stopped by and where they stop by from. I might glance at other bits like search engines, what browser used, etc., but they don’t grab my eyeballs as often. And the thing I’m probably least likely to look at is what search terms people use to come here.

It is probably just as well, looking at the list just now. I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I should tone down the swearing. Because a LOT of people seem to have come here using some combination of the terms “big,” “ass,” and “XXX.”


At first I thought it might be some kind of weird trap because the list of search terms renders them as links to the relevant Google search results and yes, if you click on those word combos you get taken RIGHT to porn results. I thought, “What sort of rank fuckery is this, and should I worry about it?” I mean, I’m the only one who can see that list, anyway.

Then I thought about it.

“Big” is explicable enough: it’s only in the fucking website title. I probably say the word at least once in every blog post. It’s all over the bloody place otherwise.

“Ass,” well, see what I said about maybe I should swear a bit less. Probably won’t, but I’m still at fault for that one.

And then I kind of chuckled because I know where “XXX” came from, too.

God, the internet is weird. Also, I try to remember to mention Rory’s full first and last name* at least once per blog post but clearly either I’m not doing it enough or it’s not helping. While I’m the only one who can see that search term list in my visitor tracker, perhaps it is reflective of the site’s performance on Google. There are a couple search phrases people use to look for Rory that do turn me up on the first page of results, but only a couple that I’m aware of. So, maybe that’s something to try and tweak more in the future.

Still good for a laugh though. Jeez.

*Someone remind me to ask Rory if he has a middle name if I ever meet him. Everyone seems to think it’s Phillip, but I couldn’t find any evidence of that, and it’s now been removed from his Wikipedia article.