Administrivia: 27 January 2024

Welp, doesn’t look like Jackdaw got released here in the USA at all. Grumble. I’m trying not to read the reviews much because I want to see it and not get spoiled, but from the little excerpts I’ve seen, the critics seem to be underwhelmed and it sounds like Rory’s character is named Mr. Big…? I love seeing him in film and TV. I’m just a little tired of all the “bad guy hulk” stuff. He picks his jobs, so I have to assume he likes that sort of thing and finds it a laugh, and that’s not a problem. It’s his career. I just hope he can diversify a bit. Maybe he got that chance with the DCI Daley project. He’s played a cop before, but not a main-character cop. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

(ISTFG if someone does not pick up that show DANA SMASH.)

And okay, I’m going to do something out of character for me and I said I would not do it here. But I’m in a bit of a bad place right now. If anyone ever saw my drawing of the Hound and wanted it, now’s your chance. I am only posting this here because most of you don’t go to my homepage. I need more eyeballs on it.


Normally a pencil portrait of that size is at least $100 more, I know. I’m not trying to drag down portrait prices, but there were a few things about this drawing I wasn’t happy with, so the price reflects that. I haven’t tried to display it in all this time and even if I were not in bad straits, I fear the humidity in my current residence will ruin it. (Not to mention my dad’s constant smoking.) It will no doubt be happier with someone who can get it framed properly and hung up in a house with actual climate control.

I have another portrait of Rory as well but I’m even less happy with that one so it’s shoved into a portfolio carrier until I feel better toward it. I’m going to get into Normal People portrait drawing after this for a while to see if I can pick up some business that way and then I’ll try something of the big man again. I already know what I want to do, couple things actually, I just need the time to do it.

Either way I have to get myself out of this mess first. So there you go.