Administrivia: 27 January 2023

This post is more of a note-to-self for me. I have long lamented Netflix’s apparent refusal to release The Irregulars on DVD. I’ve been collecting Rory’s works, as some of you know, and that’s hard to do when there’s no hard copy.

It’s been a while since I searched, so when I saw some mention of it today (I guess? I’m kind of in a bit of a mental fog) I searched again.

Apparently it is available as a region 4 out of Australia.

I don’t know a thing about DVD Land. This may be pirated. Or maybe just there’s been some kind of deal to release this show on hard copy in Oz but nowhere else. But just be aware this could be a hinky site before you plunk down your hard-earned pocket change.

Just the same, I’ll keep it in mind. It’s pretty easy to reset an external DVD drive to play a different region than the one your country’s in; failing that, universal region-free DVD players (which attach to your TV, usually) are a thing.

Now if someone would just bend Annie Griffin’s ear about Coming Soon